How to Choose the Best RC Car for Your Kid

best rc cars for kids

Playing games to have fun seems effortless when we’re kids. Funny how we lose the ability as we mature, though some of us can remain playful deep into adulthood. Performers and artists tend to nurture that spark longer but not all of us are artists. Maybe you have a kid that is artistic and want to express themselves from a young age. Even though this is rare, kids can still rapidly switch their interest without a warning. But if your kid isn’t into music, and would rather express their creativity through another hobby, perhaps you should consider getting them a model race car. That way, they can spend hours upon hours  recreating races and techniques used by the ‘real’ vehicles. But how to choose the right RC car for your kid? There are many different models available today, and some of the most popular ones are:

HPI E10 Drift Nissan S13 Falken

This is one fine specimen if you are after drift cars. Designed in 1:10 scale, this remarkable electronic remote control car can recreate the drifting action of professional racing automobiles. It has a 4WD drivetrain with front and rear differentials. Look for a model that is as close as it can get to having a ready to ride model. There are offers which include every single item you would require to put it together, including the batteries.
RC drift cars typically have a powerful motor. This one is fitted with 27T Saturn motor, so you know you are getting a high quality drifter. They make them really capable these days too, and  you can also use 2.4 GHz radio system with failsafe. The Falken is a great option if you are looking for a RC car shorter than 400mm.

HPI Sprint 2 Sport 1969 Chevrolet Camaro Z28

HPI Sprint 2 Sport 1969 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 rc car

Models like the 1969 Chevrolet Camaro are made for HPI racing history buffs. If your kid is passionate about the historical development of car design this RC car will teach them a lot. But don’t let the detailed resemblance to its counterpart fool you – this is a mean, ready to race machine designed and built to the latest standards. It’s powered by a 2000mAh NiMH battery and comes with a charger too. Though its as waterproof as actual RC boats, it’s best to keep it on road if you want to get a long service life. You can further adjust the body mounts on the Chevvy, and a super smooth belt drive system is fitted so you can put its body through a soul-breaking shakedown. 

ARRMA Kraton 8S BLX Brushless RC Truggy

Who said an electronic remote control car can’t be big and mean? Truggies are made in 1:5 scale and you will appreciate the difference in size as soon as you set your eyes on an actual model. We are talking more than 700mm in length and more than 600mm in width. It’s a speed monster truck made for bashing, however, it does pack a lot of soft power too. It’s fitted with a brushless motor, telemetry-ready radio system and electronic speed controls. You can even use a dashboard app to monitor performance indicators (receiver voltage, remote temperature, motor RPM, and drive pack voltage) in real time. The gears, drivetrain and suspension system are made from tough materials to make sure you can push it to its limits off the road without ruining it. Powered by 4 AA batteries or 2 14.8v 5000Mah 50C LiPo batteries.

ARRMA Kraton 8S BLX Brushless RC Truggy rc car


Speaking of off road RC vehicles, you simply can’t skip this electric desert racer. Mojave desert racers are fitted with original Spektrum gear, including a 2.4GHz 3-channel radio, SR315 dual protocol 3-channel receiver, S652 digital servo, 150A smart ESC, and 4074 2050Kv brushless motor. It will conquer any terrain, regardless of whether it’s concrete pavements or a sandy dunes. These type of RC cars are rugged and tough enough to take a beating with grace. Every piece that goes into the model is purpose made, including steel driveshafts, metal gears, anodized aluminium chassis, oil filled shocks and much more. It’s a versatile and eye catching model fitted with the latest gear.

ARRMA MOJAVE BLX V2 Desert Racer rc car

Axial SCX10 II UMG10 6×6 Rock Crawler

All-terrain driving is for the brave – it applies in RC as it applies in real life. This Axial rock crawler is a spitting image of military trucks (has 1.9 military-spec wheels and tires) and will push on through snow, mud and rocks with ease. It can do everything a full sized truck can do. It comes in a scale of 1:10 making it 585mm long. When you have an all terrain vehicle with a remarkable 66mm ground clearance and waterproof electronics you can do pretty much anything you want. If you are interested in making it totally life-like, you can mount front and rear LED lights. This is not just an RC car capable of engaging 6×6 drive, but if you take a closer look at the driveshaft angles as well as the increased gear surface, you’ll note that this beast is also made to last.

Axial SCX10 II UMG10 6x6 Rock Crawler rc car
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