Get Down to Business: 3 Work Handbags Every Woman Should Have in Her Closet

\Finding the perfect handbag for work that combines comfort, style, flawless organization and storage is hard. It should not only be big enough to hold all of our necessities, but it must also be strong enough to last, fashionable enough to dress up any look, and light enough to wear comfortably.

On the other hand, a workbag that is worn-out, dull, and ineffective won’t likely make the prospect of returning to the workplace any more thrilling. Instead, to make the trip more tolerable overall, bring along a stylish friend who is sensitive to your needs and customized to your interests.

What Is a Good Office Bag?

woman work bag

Since you’ll be using it pretty much every day, shop for stylish and functional work handbags made of premium materials that will serve the purpose for many years. Look for strong and resilient materials to support large laptops and withstand being transferred everywhere. Consider leather, canvas, or nylon.

Also, make sure your work bag is big enough to hold everything you need to carry daily. Consider how much space you’ll need, as well as how many internal pockets and other storage compartments you’ll require. If the work hand bag doesn’t have a zipper, you can purchase an interior zippered pocket to store pricier items. Additionally, check to see if it’s light enough to be carried over the shoulder or arm without discomfort.

When picking the ideal colour, black is arguably the safest option. However, if your wardrobe is full of neutral colours like beige, grey, camel, and white, opt for a brown handbag instead. All in all, stay away from any fad or seasonally appropriate colour that is challenging to wear all year round.

In terms of style, avoid purchasing it-bags that are in fashion one season but out the next one. Instead, choose work handbags with timeless designs that add the right dose of novelty to your style and that can simply match almost everything in your wardrobe. Search for one that is adaptable and well-tailored enough to accompany you from business meetings in the morning to social gatherings at night. Avoid purses with a lot of hardware, which adds to their weight even when empty, or with large logos that shout the company name.


When all your accessories are jingling around your handbag, overflowing, and there is nothing you can easily access, it is when you understand the sensation of owning a tote bag!

Besides being functional and stylish, totes need to be durable enough to withstand all the daily wear and tear. A low-quality tote bag, on the other hand, will force you to purchase a new one every few months, if not sooner. In the long term, this will leave a dent in your wallet, more than a one-time investment could! Therefore, consider a vegan leather tote if you want a low-maintenance, high-quality bag.

Whether you’re a light packer or you bring everything and more to work and the airport, there is something for everyone as totes come in different sizes and colours, and have different features.

For instance, for those who travel light, a smaller tote bag is ideal. It will perfectly carry all your daily essentials like phone, wallet, and keys, plus a few other needs like a water bottle, book, and possibly even a tiny notebook, computer, or tablet! However, people who like to carry practically everything above including a bigger laptop should go for a large tote which is the ideal travel bag that can hold anything you wish to bring with you plus more!

The best part about totes is having a large central or several minor compartments for the expensive stuff, such as the laptop and chargers you’ll be carrying around. A tote with a healthy sprinkling of pockets, however, will allow each of your items to live in their own designated home and save you the stress of rummaging. This is what’s most attractive to the clean freak and important for the scatterbrained.


leather pouch

Many of us hope to go back to work in a more improved version of who we were before the pandemic, and we think our new nine-to-five outfits should reflect that inner development. For instance, if you were the co-worker whose office supplies overflowed the desk, now is your moment to show off the orderly, minimalist woman you’ve grown into.

Returning to the office with a stylish leather pouch tucked under your arm will signal to others that you have undergone a transformation and are now capable of reducing their goods to the bare minimum and their inbox to zero. Even better, it will seem particularly professional after hours if you’re fortunate enough to be in the business of entertaining customers at your employer’s expense.


The thought of cycling into the office will undoubtedly remain a pipe dream for ones who have enjoyed setting their alarms for 8.57 am. However, it’s worth investing in the correct gear if you do eventually decide to join those ranks and reap all the calorie-burning, money-saving benefits.

Practicality is the main priority in this situation, and there are many minor factors to take into account while choosing a bag for your ride. This rugged backpack checks off several boxes: it’s compact, strong, and waterproof, and the upbeat colour will make you stand out as you cross and pass-through traffic.

Crossbody Bags

Anyone who has the pleasure of taking the Tube, Subway, or any other similar metro back to work is undoubtedly preparing for an assault course. But what if we told you that your accessories might hold the secret to a stress-free commute? An unconventional pick for the office, a crossbody belt bag is also useful for running down escalators, dodging crowds, and effortlessly slipping through barricades.

You’ll be left with a sensation of freedom, aerodynamics, and perhaps even a little arrogance while others struggle to get their suitcase-sized baggage out of the carriage doors. What’s best? Cards remain within easy reach, and your hands are free to read through the headlines and sanitize periodically. And most importantly, away from the light fingered!