Get an Idea on How to Buy the Best Boxing Gloves

Any aspiring boxer needs a great pair of boxing gloves not just to make sure that their hands are optimally protected, but to also motivate them to train harder. But getting the best pair of boxing gloves isn’t as simple as walking into the first sports store and picking the most expensive model you find on the shelves. As a matter of fact, it takes careful consideration and knowledge, not just for getting the best deal, but for finding the ideal pair for your needs as well.

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Types of Boxing Gloves
When looking at all the different boxing gloves for sale, whether online or in your local sports stores, you need to know that there are three basic types of boxing gloves you can choose from – fighting, training, and bag gloves.

  • Training gloves are designed for training and sparring, and they feature plush padding and wrist support, allowing you to go for longer times without leaving your wrists sprained or sore. These gloves are usually heavier and are great for beginners.
  • Bag gloves are similar to training gloves, except they don’t have the extra layers of foam that training gloves do. As their name implies, they are great for punching the bag without damaging your wrists. However, due to the fact that these gloves don’t feature extra layers of foam, they’re lighter and as a result, won’t wear you out as much.
  • Fighting gloves feature minimum padding and are mostly used for competitions. It’s not recommended for beginners to punch a bag or spar with this type of gloves.

Another important factor to consider when looking for boxing gloves for sale is their size. The ideal size for you will depend on several factors, including glove type, your size, and the type of competition (if fighting gloves). Typically, the larger you are, the heavier the glove should be. And as aforementioned, training gloves are heavier. The general guidelines for glove size go something like this:

  • Adults or Children 80g – 16-18oz (453.6g-510.2g) for training gloves or 14(396.9g) for fighting gloves
  • 60kg-70kg – 12-14oz (340.2g-396.9g) for training gloves or 10 (293.5g) for fighting gloves
  • 70kg-80kg – 14-16oz (396.9g-453.6g) for training gloves or 12 (340.2g) for fighting gloves
  • >80g – 16-18oz (453.6g-510.2g) for training gloves or 14(396.9g) for fighting gloves

Boxing gloves are traditionally made of leather and vinyl. Vinyl ones are more suitable for beginners and kids as they are cheaper and typically more lightweight. However, leather gloves are far superior when it comes to durability and can last you for a really long time. Plus, if the leather is good, you’ll make smoother strikes and will reduce the risk of abrasion when sparring or hitting bags.

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