Get an Idea of the Benefits of Portable Solar Panels

If you regularly spend time off the grid, then you understand how important it is to have a reliable source of energy available. And although you may have accepted solar as the only real alternative for portable power, there’s an excellent possibility that you’ve also discovered that not all portable solutions are ideal.

Folding and suitcase-style portable solar systems are lightweight, they’re great for getting optimal coverage with quick sets, and they’re inexpensive. For anyone who’s more than an occasional user though, the downside to these systems is that in spite of their compact size, they still take up valuable storage space, and they don’t produce very much power and lack scalability.

If you typically find yourself suffering from a serious power deficit whenever you’re off the grid, then maybe a more conventional fixed-roof solution is what you need. And now, thanks to Sunman Energy, solid-framed glass-framed solar panels don’t have to be your only fixed-roof alternative anymore.

Portable Solar Panels Get Flexible

Portable Solar Panel

With people spending more time off the grid now than ever, the last few years have seen major advances in the kinds of portable technologies that’ll allow them to do that. Sunman Energy, however, has taken a decisive lead in the field of portable solutions by developing a revolutionary panel specifically for off-gridders who want to buy 300 watt solar panel modules that are lightweight and flexible, but still sturdy enough for fixed-roof applications. Sunman’s patented eArc cell technology combines monocrystalline solar cells with a composite polymer that’s as durable as conventional glass, but effectively wears like a flexible skin.

The result is a compact, 60-cell solar panel that, with up to 248° of flex, is free from almost every structural limitation that glass-framed panels are restricted by. And while their characteristics may not seem particularly impressive at first, they’re precisely the product that every dedicated caravanner has been quietly waiting for.

The Advantage of eArc Solar Panels

eArc Solar Panel

Unlike traditional roof-mounted RV panels, the absence of a glass casing or a rigid frame on an eArc module gives it significant advantages over every other traditional 300 watt solar panels for sale, including:

  • Considerable weight savings. Weighing only 5.5kg, an eArc is 70% lighter than ordinary glass-covered panels.
  • Considerable space savings. With a thickness of only 5.6mm, an eArc is 95% thinner than glass-covered panels.
  • Easy mounting. No drilling, cutting or mounting hardware is required, leaving your vehicle or vessel completely unharmed.

The eArc’s lack of a casing doesn’t make it any less durable, though. eArc modules are International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) 61215, 61730, and Underwriters’ Laboratories (UL) 1703 certified, and IP-68 rated against total dust intrusion and long-term water immersion. It means that even though they’re perfectly flexible, eArc 300 watt portable solar panels are still designed to resist:

  • Potential-induced degradation (PID);
  • Degradation from heat or UV exposure; and,
  • Corrosion from salt and ammonia exposure.

Add to these traits a markedly reduced risk of lightning strikes because there’s no metal framework, and you have an amazingly portable solar panel that RVers, caravanners, and boat owners can put to immediate use for generating power.

Portable Panels That Deliver Real Power

Portable Panels That Deliver Real Power

No one would argue that flexible 300W solar panels may be one of the best conceived mobile applications imaginable, but if they can’t deliver reliable power, then they’re worth little more than just added weight. Each eArc module is a true 290 watt solar panel (Pmax) with a 0/+5W tolerance, producing a maximum power voltage (Vmp) of 32.6, with a maximum system voltage of 600V DC. And with rigid power specs like these, they can be counted on to deliver a linear performance of:

  • 97% during the first year;
  • 90% over 10 years; and,
  • 82.5% over 25 years.

In short, the eArc’s built-in resistance to thermal expansion allows them to produce consistently reliable power throughout their serviceable life cycle, and at a rate that’s equivalent to ordinary fixed panels. It’s patented breakthrough technology that uses less to achieve more.

eArc Portable Applications

Although an eArc 300W solar panel can be mounted to any stationary surface, its range of possible mobile applications is practically unlimited. Ordinarily restrictive factors like rounded corners, curved and aerodynamic surfaces, weight allowances, or environmental extremes don’t have to be concerned anymore for any of the following vehicles:

  • RVs or caravans. Flexible panels can be mounted to any style or size of recreational vehicle, even vintage aeros.
  • Trailers. All types of work, concession, or transport trailers that have powered equipment can use their own portable panels.
  • Marine. Waterproof and salt-resistant panels are ideal for deck use on all types of boats from cuddy cabins to luxury pontoons.

Structural silicone, a two-sided adhesive, or even a dual locking system are all that’s needed to attach any number of eArc modules to any kind of surface. And their scalability allows you to assemble them in solar arrays that can either be wired in parallel with a PWM charge controller for an easy weekending solution, or in series with an MPPT charge controller for a full-powered rooftop energy source.

eArc modules give you the ability to charge your battery bank, regardless of whether you’re stationary, or you’re driving or sailing. You’ll never have to worry again about getting to a destination with just enough time to recharge your system; and with their super-clean aesthetic and complete absence of light pollution that’s common with ordinary glass panels, your fellow caravanners or boating guests will be completely unaware that you’ve been charging your system the entire time.

The Final Word

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if you just like going camping intermittently or you’re a full-time RVers or marine liveaboarder, you need a reliable source of electricity whenever you’re off the grid. You may not want the weight or headache of enclosed glass solar panels, though; and if you’ve got healthy power demands though, a folding panel simply isn’t going to provide the battery charging power you need.

When you are ready to buy 300 watt solar panel modules that are lightweight, flexible, and can meet all of your existing and future power needs, Sunman Energy has already developed the product that you want. Before you invest in a solar solution that doesn’t give you the best options, take the time to speak with a Sunman retailer and find out just how much of a difference eArc modules can make for you.

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.