Few Ideas On How to Buy the Right Toys for Your Baby



toysAccording to numerous studies, play is one of the key factors that contributes to proper motor and cognitive development of children. Toys are the tools kids use to explore and learn about the world that surrounds them. For this reason, toys are divided into several categories among which the most important ones are the purpose of the toy, age and sex of a child. But the wide variety of different toys offered by kids toys Australia retailers sometimes confuses parents, especially when it comes to selecting age-appropriate toy for babies.

Babies perceive the environment around them with their senses. They develop their skills by seeing, touching, smelling and tasting everything they possibly can. For this reason it is important to choose the right toy, not only to boost mental and physical development, but to ensure safety. There are several factors parents need to take into account before choosing the right toys for their baby.

1. Consider The Age Of Your Baby

The age of your baby is probably the most important factor to consider when choosing toys. If you want to buy a toy that will best suit the age of your baby, you should always check the packaging. All kids toys Australia manufacturers provide age label on the package. This should ease the job for you. Although there is no strict age limitations, there is a general guideline.

  • Newborn

    Since the interaction ability of newborn babies is very low, look for toys that he/she can perceive with her/his senses of sight, sound and touch. Look for toys that will stimulate the senses by playing music or produce bright and multicolored lights.

  • 3-6 Months

    During these months babies begin to show interest in moving objects and start understanding their functions. This is how they learn about the world around them. Ideal toys for this age are: stuffed animals, plastic soft toys, bath toys and other toys that will cause no harm to your baby when he/she moves or throws them around.

  • 6-12 Months

    This is the age when babies develop their motor skills to great extent. For this reason kids toys Australia manufactures make toys that challenge babies to perform certain task. The recommended toys for this age include plastic books, balls, rubber teethers, etc.


2. Safety First

Safety is one of the most important factors to consider when buying toys for babies. Aside from buying toys made in accordance to the highest standards of safety, make sure there are no small parts that can cause chocking, sharp edges and avoid easily breakable and toxic toys. This is why kids toys Australia manufacturers must include suggested ages for use on the package.


3. Buy Entertaining And Interactive Toys

Choose toys that will not only entertain your baby, but also hold his/her attention, challenge your baby to do something and mentally stimulate him/her. Such toys (building blocks, pull-long toys, activity tables, etc.) provide many benefits and will help your baby learn about the world.