Enhance Your Privacy and Extend Your Space with a Caravan Screen

If you have just bought a new caravan or decided to upgrade your existing one, you have probably thought of getting an awning with a screen. These additions can turn your outdoor adventures into more pleasant experiences, providing privacy, protecting you from the sun, and extending your space. This inexpensive and long-lasting solution will increase your comfort levels in different conditions.

More Privacy, Shade, and Space

caravan shade screen
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When you are in a caravan park with dozens of people on every side, privacy can be an issue. The caravan privacy screens will give you some personal space—a small, secluded area for you and your family to relax and enjoy even in the more crowded locations while still being able to savour the outdoors. 

Another reason to purchase one of the caravan shade screens is exactly what the name suggests: a pool of shade. The hot Australian sun can be fierce at times, and with the metal of the caravan heating up, a space where you can hide from the heat is more than welcome. 

The screen can provide sun protection by the side of the caravan, as it is attached to the awning. It is also useful for rainy days, protecting your belongings, chairs, and table outside by restricting rain access and providing some screening from gusts of wind. 

Floor space is limited, however large the caravan is, and the awning is the simplest way to increase it. A full awning will normally double the living area since it is fitted along the whole length of the caravan and provides storage space outside the vehicle. 

Types of Awnings

The main types of awnings generally available for caravans, motorhomes, and campervans are full awnings, porch or universal awnings, and canopy or cassette awnings. Which one is best for you depends on whether you intend on staying at the campsite all season or you want something that can be easily set up and taken down for your next stop on the tour.

Full Awning 

full caravan awning
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A full or traditional awning will cover one whole side of your caravan, providing lots of extra living space, generally greater than a porch. They are made of heavier-weight fabric and might take longer to put up, and the size needs to fit your particular model of caravan. However, if you are more people and want to have dinner outside, there is plenty of room for more chairs and a table.

Porch or Universal Awning

A large porch awning connects along the top horizontal part of the rail and covers most of one side of a caravan, while a small porch awning won’t cover much more than the doorway, but is useful for storing muddy shoes, bikes, or surfing boards after a day at the beach. It is quicker and easier to pitch if you are only staying for a couple of nights, you can get it up and peg it down in less than 15 minutes. 

Canopy or Roller Awning

This shelter extends from the caravan roof and can be fitted either temporarily or permanently to the side of your caravan. The latter ones work like roller blinds and have poles that fold down to form legs for stability. Some of the higher-end ones come with walls to create a more enclosed space.

Getting the Right Measurements

porch caravan awning
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Depending on the type of awning you decide on, you will need to take the right measurements. For a full awning, you will have to consider two measurements, the depth, the distance from your caravan to the outer wall of the awning, and the caravan’s A measurement, usually given in the instruction manual.

When it comes to the porch type, the easiest way to measure caravan shade screens is to measure the height of the caravan from the ground to the awning rail and the length of the rail. Make note of the position of the caravan’s windows and doors, as you might not be able to fully open them.

When measuring for RV privacy screens, make sure you have the size between the centre of the legs and not the awning fabric. It should be a foot shorter than the awning size so it can fit, and remember, smaller screens can always be fitted to larger awnings; they just won’t span the entire length. 

Setting It Up

Pitching up motorhome awnings the first time might seem like a complicated task, but you will find that following the manufacturer’s instructions can help a great deal. Whether they are full awnings or porches, they attach to the caravan side using a cord that runs into the awning channel. Once you feed the cord in, starting from the front, you need to push it along the channel until it lies flat. Then you construct the frame, and when it’s taut, you peg it down like a tent. 

The caravan screen has a rope sewn into the edge that slides into a track on your awning with eyelets or d-rings on the bottom edge, which will be pegged down, so installing it is quite simple.

Fabrics Maintenance

caravan awning
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There are a variety of materials used to make awnings, but lightweight polyester has several advantages. It is easy to handle, construct, and pack, and it will dry quickly after rain. Heavier and higher-quality polyester will last longer and can withstand harsher conditions. The acrylic fabric is designed to be more resistant to ultraviolet light due to the fibre-dyed material. With proper maintenance, they will give many years of holiday use. Brush off the debris regularly, clean the fabric from mould or mildew, and make sure it’s dry before you store it away.


The caravan awning privacy screens can enhance your holidays in many ways. If you choose a well-made one that is suited for all seasons, caravanning will be a much more enjoyable experience. They are compact, lightweight, and easy to set up, providing a personal barrier without completely blocking the outdoors. Stay in the shade and chill.

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