Blender is The Gadget You Must Have For a Healthier You

While the blender is seen by some as an under-utilized kitchen appliance, for many it is still one of the most versatile kitchen appliances one can have in their kitchen. And for a good reason – there is a wide range of delicious and healthy things you can prepare with a good blender, from smoothies and almond butter, to a variety of pesto recipes. There is a wide range of blenders you can find on the market, but the problem with many of them is that they either don’t perform the way they are expected to, or they end up break down only after a few months.

To be able to prepare all kinds of recipes in your kitchen you need to invest in a high quality blender that has a powerful motor and fast-spinning blades. These are more versatile than regular blenders and are extra powerful too, able to perform a variety of tasks. While it is true that a high-end blender comes with a high price tag, this investment will certainly pay off in the long run. If you really want to save, go online. The choice of blenders online (and other kitchen gadgets for that matter) is quite extensive and you can easily read the product’s description so you know which model and style best suits you. Moreover, you can find wholesale hospitality supplies which usually come at more affordable prices. Plus, many online shops offer a 30-day-money-back guarantee and free shipping on almost all wholesale hospitality supplies. Below I have gathered a few examples of the number of healthy and tasty foods that you can prepare with a quality blender.


It is a well known fact that the tastiest smoothie recipes are made in blenders. There is a huge variety of tastes so you might as well look up a few recipes online and start making this healthy treat your daily habit.

Smoothie Blender

Here’s a tip – add oatmeal to your next smoothie for a filling healthy breakfast on the go. You can also implement some added nutrition and colour to your smoothies with greens like kale or spinach.

Gluten-Free Pizza Crust

If you have problems with gluten or are just looking to cut it down, you can use your blender to prepare a cauliflower pizza crust. Besides being delicious, eating cauliflower is also super healthy.

Gluten Free Pizza Crust



For a quick and easy dessert, make a sorbet in your blender. All you need is frozen fruit and sweetener to get a sweet, cold treat. Again, this is easy to make when you use a high-power blender.

Strawberry Sorbet



Making your own dressing is a piece of cake and so much healthier than the store-bought ones. You can prepare basically all kinds of salad dressings in a few minutes using a blender, just get the needed ingredients first.

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.