Bedside Tables: A Few Stylish and Functional Ideas for Bedside Storage

No matter how much money and effort you invest in your bed frame, mattress, beddings and other accessories, a bedroom would not be complete without the perfect bedside table. Without a doubt, the bedside table is the most frequently used piece of furniture in our bedrooms. It’s the landing spot for so many things – our cellphone, bedtime books, glasses, face creams, and guilty snacks, just to name a few.

To determine how the perfect bedside storage piece for your bedroom should look, consider the design of the space as well as your lifestyle and habits. Do you work from home, all cosy-ed up in your bed? Do you like to read and often bring items with you to bed? Is the room large enough to actually fit in a nightstand? All of these are good questions to ask yourself before you begin your search. If you find yourself lacking ideas, here are a few stunning bedside tables to jump start your inspiration.

A Hardworking Piece

Bedside Table Drawers


Bedrooms tend to be small spaces where every piece of furniture serves a practical purpose. For that reason, it’s critical that you use space and furniture efficiently. Having more storage on your disposal is something you will never regret. A beautiful bedside table with extra drawers can also be used for storing things like make up and socks. This is extremely convenient, you can use your bedside table drawers to keep clutter at bay and store your night-time essentials close at hand.

Unusual Choice

Bedside Table Drawers

The bedside table does not necessarily need to be square. If you do not need multiple bedside table drawers you can get away with a more unconventional design such as a round table, a re-purposed ottoman, a rattan chair, or even a cute DIY floating table.

Translucent Design

Bedside table drawers

If you want a more brighter and open design, consider bedside tables with a more airy design. One such idea is a nightstand with a mirror finish that can reflect light around the room. Or you can follow more modern trends and use a nightstand with glass shelves which visually frees up the space while also providing plenty of storage.

Built-in Solution

Bedside table drawers

If your bedroom is too tiny to fit a nightstand, consider smarter solutions. For instance, you can try incorporating shelves into your bed’s headboard for a sleek, modern vibe. You can use wood shelves for more warmth, or glass shelves for a less noticeable look.

Pay Attention to Scale

Bedside Table Drawers

The bedside table should always fit in the room, and not stand out. Therefore, remember to consider the size of the room as well as the bed when choosing your bedside storage piece. For a larger room with a low platform bed, any design of a nightstand that’s low but wide will look great and proportional. If you have less floor space, you can opt for a more narrow model with extra shelving.