A Guarantee for Success: Monofilament Line Is the Kind to Posses

For beginner and experienced anglers alike, there’s the never-ending search for the perfect fishing line, and the many options available can certainly make this decision even more overwhelming. Nevertheless, given that you know your style and where it is that you usually go fishing, you should not have that much of a hard time choosing. After all, it all comes down to personal preferences.

However, if you still haven’t figured out yet what’s your style, or you like to explore and experiment with different fishing techniques, there aren’t many other options as versatile as the monofilament line. As the name suggests, a monofilament fishing line, or also called mono, comprises of a single string, as opposed to multifilament lines which consist of several strands fused, bundled or braided together.

The mono fishing line is made out of a strong nylon material which makes it one of the more durable types of lines. But what sets mono apart from the many fishing line choices, is the fact that it is the ultimate combination of the most important features a line should have. The following properties of mono are something that no other line can match.

Fishing Rod, Reel and Mono Line

  • Easy to Use – Because it’s extremely flexible, a mono line is not complicated to handle in different fishing conditions. Thanks to this flexibility, a mono is easier to cast and can be controlled even in very rough waters.
  • Shock Resistant – There are other nylon fishing lines that are also as stretchable as mono is, but they are rarely able to resist the shock from a fish’s aggressive tugging. A quality mono fishing line, besides having the ability to stretch, is also incredibly strong and can withstand a huge amount of pressure. If you’re fishing in an area where the fish are particularly feisty or there are strong waves, you won’t stress about your line snapping in the middle of a big catch.
  • Stretchable – The highly stretchable property of nylon is something you can’t find in other line materials. Being able to stretch under pressure is an important factor for a line when dealing with large fish because it won’t tear open a hole in the fish’s mouth which can make it easier for it to escape.
  • Larger Diameter – Because it’s made out of nylon, mono can reach the bottom of the area where you are fishing without getting tangled. This is great if you have your eye set on catching some timid bottomfish. Whether you actually reach huge depths, depends on the type of fishing lure and its weight.
  • Sink Rate – Mono has an almost neutral buoyancy and therefore, it sinks slowly, which is very important in not scaring away the fish. Because it sinks slowly, it leaves some space open for fish on the surface to bite. Having a large diameter and a slow sink rate makes this line suitable for shallow and deep water fishing as well.
  • Colourful – Another advantage of being made out of nylon, is that manufacturers can easily paint over it and offer a range of colours. Fish notice colour and can associate it with a food source. A colourful mono line, together with a colourful lure, can enhance your ability to lure in fish.

This combination of manageability, stretching and fish-friendly features makes mono the most adaptable fishing line there is. It may come as a surprise to you but this is also one of the more affordable line choices. And considering how important the line for having success in fishing is, this is a cheap investment that will pay off in dozens of bucketfuls of fish.