Woman’s Beachwear: Ideas to Make Them Stare

We are all well aware that the beach side is more of a catwalk than a casual place for relaxation, but you’ll never hear this being admitted in public. Not by women at least. But for the sake of the argument, let’s just say that every woman tends to spend a certain amount of time figuring out how to match the swimming suit with wide brim hats, sunglasses, beach bag and cover up.

What is prefect for one woman may be a no-no for another, but with the wide range of womens beachwear available, it’s a pity to say that you cannot find something to make you feel light, protected and glamorous at the same time. You do want to steal those second glances. Just admit it. And here’s how it’s done.

Audrey Hepburn Was Right About The Wide Brim Hats

The fashion icon we all adore was the master of creating magnetism around her. She simply made best friends with her feminine side and did her best to highlight everything that reeks of gentility and class. She used to say that when a woman embraces who she really is – as a gentle, fragile, nurturing yet strong being, she can have more sex-appeal at the tip of their nose than most women in their entire bodies.


If you feel in tune with your feminine side too, now’s the time to let it glow and a classic looking wide brim hat is the way to go! To go for a complete Audrey Hepburn style, opt for cream or black and white version.

A Cover Up to Set You Apart

Long gone are the times when women used to put on some old and worn out summer clothes and consider them a proper beachwear. I wonder whether those trends were ever what fashionably aware women opted for. What a difference does a stylish touch make – you will realize this when you compare that old hasty habit with wearing a perfectly designed cover up – invented to let cool air in and keep damaging sun rays out. With the perfect cover up you can go up and about the beach side even at the most scorching period of a hot summer day and rest assure that your skin is safe.


If you feel like wide brim hats and cover ups are you thing and you want to take the beach glamor to a whole new level, you can also accessorize the outfit by putting on some playful bohemian jewelry. Just let your intuition be your guide and this year choose to be braver and find the beachwear tailored to your unique feminine needs. Let womanity shine and own that beach side!