Why Is Investing in Solar Energy an Utterly Bright Idea

It’s funny how we live on the warmest continent on Earth, yet we don’t use it to our advantage. I’m talking about solar and wind energy, and how they’re still so far behind coal and oil, both which are environmentally harmful. If you’ve just recently became environmentally conscious and want to make a change for the better, now is the right time to invest in solar panels.

Installing a solar system for your home or business premises is a pretty straightforward process. There are a few things to consider like the inclination and the size of your roof, the roof’s orientation (south, southeast and southwest are ideal), and ensuring nothing stops the sunlight from reaching your panels (other buildings, trees, etc.).

Contrary to popular belief, solar panels work in cloudy weather as well, although the output may be maximised when the amount of sunlight hitting the panels is greater. Thanks to our predominantly warm and sunny weather, we can make the most out of every solar panel Australia wide.

Solar Panel

Solar panel Australia experts say that solar energy is the most efficient means of getting electricity and it’s expected to keep growing in the following years. A solar panel consists of solar cells grouped next to each other on top of a backsheet and covered by glass. The efficiency of solar cells refers to the amount of light that a single cell can convert into electricity. The efficiency of the solar panels refers to the amount of light the entire module can convert into electricity.

When choosing a solar panel system, you’ll face a lot of options. One thing to know is that there are off-the-grid and grid-connected solar systems. Off-the-grid systems are suitable for use if you have no access to the national grid, and most often go with batteries to power the house when there’s no sun. Grid-connected solar panel systems are connected to the national grid, and you’re paid for every unit of electricity you generate and pass over to it.

The best part about solar panels is that you don’t have to maintain them frequently – a solar panel system is capable of working over 30 years. Have it checked on annual basis by your supplier, and other than that, you’re free to enjoy the benefits of long-term savings, and environmentally friendly renewable energy. There really isn’t much more to say that could convince you, if you aren’t convinced by this point that solar energy is the future and that soon enough we’ll all be using it.