Why Changing Your Handle Bar Grips Might be a Good Idea

Motor heads can sit around and argue what the most important part of the bike is from sunrise to sundown and still not get anywhere. The argument is ultimately pointless since every part has to work in tandem for the bike to work at all, but the point remains that some pieces are more important than others. Some say that the obvious choice is the engine, because it’s always the deciding factor on the bikes’ performance. Others say it’s the wheels, the simple reasoning being that no matter how many horses are powering that machine in your bike, if you don’t have a quality pair of wheels, you’re going nowhere fast. But for my money, the most important item on the bike are the hand grips. Stop laughing and let me explain.

Motorcycle handle bar

While each part of the bike has its own role and merits, in my opinion the most important aspect of driving your bike, is being actually able to drive your bike. Hand grips for motorcycles are one of the most vital parts of any bike, and yet they are considered to be no more than an accessory by a lot of people. The reason is probably because even if you don’t have any hand grips at all, you still have the handle bar which is all you need. If that is what you think, then you haven’t been riding a bike for long.

The handgrips, as their name suggest, allow you to keep a tight grip on the handle bar and keep your hand from slipping off due to rain or sweat. The reason for this is the better friction the material they are made of provides over the smooth metal. They can come in a variety of materials and even different grooves and textures for your fingers. Depending on your way of driving, I would suggest getting a softer variety for long drives so that your hands don’t get numb from tightly squeezing them for too long, and a harder, more sporty option that can absorb excess vibrations and give you better response for rougher roads or rougher driving.

But the most important question is whether you should switch out the handle bars you are already using. The answer is that if they aren’t damaged, there really isn’t any need unless you found some you think would be more comfortable for you, or even some that might look better on your bike. However, if they are torn, or worn out, then I would suggest immediately looking up where you can find new hand grips for motorcycles since you never want anything to compromise your ability to properly steer and control your bike in any way.

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.