Which Pallet Rack Frame To Buy? Here Are Few Ideas

When it comes to racking systems, most business owners decide to build their own. To do so, they need to find reliable pieces of pallet racking shelves. Beams, frame connectors, locking pins, wire mesh decking and other accessories are quite important, but rack frame is the single most important piece of a shelving system. The pallet rack frame needs to be easy to install, of high quality, reliable and safe. One of the most popular rack frame is the longspan frame used for longspan shelves.

Even though longspan rack frame is usually used for longspan shelving, it is suitable to many different shelving racking systems. This type of frame is used for shelving used in home environment, engineering workshops, warehouses, archive storage, automotive workshops, schools, colleges, retail storage, manufacturing plants and more. Durable, strong, yet flexible, longspan rack frames is simply the perfect solution for all sorts of shelving systems. These can be used for storing small and large, light and heavy goods, while perfect for fitting the beams of a long span shelving.


Most longspan rack frames are adjustable in terms of height, so you can easily adjust the beams according to your desired requirements. Assembling these frames with beams and other shelving parts is really easy and it does not require specific expertise or equipment. This also means that they are cost-efficient in terms of investment and operating costs. And since longspan shelves do not take a lot of space, they increase the storage capacity and overall efficiency in any working environment.

The longspan rack frame can be used for many different shelves, but here are three great ideas. The first and best shelving you can build with a long span rack frame is the longspan shelving with steel shelves. It is the ideal shelving for storing bulky and heavy goods and supplies. The longspan shelving with steel shelves and a longspan rack frame offers advantages in storing capacity, durability, stability and safety.

Another great idea is to build a longspan shelving with a longspan rack frame and mesh shelves. This is the most versatile storing solution as it provides great safety benefits. With a simple structure of nothing but shelves and beams, this shelving is perfect for storing the smallest items in the working facility. The last idea to build a shelving with a longspan rack frame is the longspan shelving with timber shelves. Affordable and durable, the longspan shelving with timber shelves is user adjustable and has a wide range of suitable applications.

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