What Trees Are Good Candidates For Your Yard?

Planting and looking after a tree in your garden can be challenging. Some trees require a warm climate, some a slightly colder one. Planting a tree is an investment for years to come – it will provide shades, beauty and property value. When shopping for trees online, here are some things to to consider.

Trees Online

Deciduous or Evergreen


Decidious drop their leaves in the winter and autumn. If you live in a warmer area, these types of trees are available to you as an option. Evergreen trees include conifers and broad-leafed trees. Broad-leafed ones also change leaves intermittently or in one season. Conifers have seeds that are needle-like or narrow, but keep their foliage around the entire year. Both types can serve as windbreaks and screens.




Some trees produce a large amount of litter from falling leaves, fruits or flowers, so you want to avoid them if you have outdoor furniture that might get dirty or damaged from them. Same goes for a swimming pool, you don’t want it full of leaves, which would require you to clean it frequently. Trees with brittle and weak wood should be avoided in high wind and snowy areas. They can be dangerous to people and property and you’ll have to clean their broken branches more often than you would like to. Some trees are more more susceptible to diseases and pests, depending on the climate. While some trees might be trouble-free in one area, others some have problems in them.


Growth Conditions


This is probably going to be the most important thing to consider when purchasing trees online. You need to determine several conditions that your yard offers and then determine the conditions that your tree will need in order to fully grow. Some areas have extremely high temperatures during summer and cold temperatures during winter, for that reason, see if the tree you choose can withstand them.




What do you want your tree to provide you? If the answer is shade, go for a tree with a wide canopy. To block high window views – tall dense trees combined with shrubs. Deciduous trees provide shades in the summer, then allow the sun in after their leaves fall in the autumn.


Growth Size and Rate


Some trees grow quicker than others, this can be an important factor if you need a tree to cast a shade on your window as quickly as possible. If your tree grows too big, you might have to frequently cut it which can be quite the hassle.


After having taken all of this into consideration, you are ready to go and plant a few trees to enhance your yard view and enjoy the natural shades they will provide you with.

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.