What Makes Getting an Air Compressor a Smart Idea

Many tools are restricted to do one job and one job only, some can serve two or three practical purposes, but rare are the ones so versatile that the ways you can use them are only limited by your imagination. One such multi-purpose tool is an air compressor. While in the past, air compressors were mostly used in corner gas stations and major manufacturing plants, more and more of them are starting to find their way into people’s homes.

Air Compressor

And to answer customers’ growing demands, today there are numerous models of air compressors sized to do every job. Whether you are looking for a cheap air compressor for sale for regular jobs around the house, or a large potent one costing thousands of dollars – power tool stores across Australia are loaded with them. So, next time you’re shopping for a machine gun, power drill or any other kind of tool, check out the store’s air compressor range and see whether you’re lucky to have found a cheap air compressor for sale.

Having such a tool around your house, can prove to be incredibly useful. Whether you need to power your drills or nail guns, inflate tires, pools or mattresses, fill up paint sprayers or gas cylinders – you can accomplish all of it with only one tool. You are probably wondering how can air power all these different types of machines and tools. Well, there’s a lot of potential energy stored in compressed air which transforms into kinetic energy ones the air is released and the compressor depressurizes. Switching over to compressed air rather than electricity as the source of power for your power tools is a smart way to reduce your bills by up to 35%.

If you do decide to use an air compressor for powering your tools, you need to choose pneumatic ones. Pneumatic tools are usually cheaper than all other tools powered by batteries, electricity or gas. Take nail guns for example, the ones that use batteries range between 250 and 630 dollars, whereas pneumatic nail guns cost around 100 – 230 dollars. An added benefit is that pneumatic tools are much lighter than the other types and easier to operate. And not to mention how air pressure can power tools longer than a battery charge. You can run a whole workshop with the help of an air compressor for the same cost involved in powering only a handful of electrical tools. Isn’t that neat?

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.