Underground Service Locators: Idea of Prevention in Action

In case you ever need all of your cable installations checked, you’ll need to either call an electrician or learn how to use underground service locators, also known as cable testers. They’re handheld devices used to make sure your electrical connections are properly functioning. In order to use a cable tester, you need to connect it to a cable and use the buttons to run some tests. Cable testers provide straightforward feedback.

The most basic use of underground service locators is to check whether a cable is working or not. Usually, when people use them to locate problems, they’re searching for one of two things – intended and unintended connections. Cable testers can confirm that an intended connection exists, and if the intended connection is missing, it’s said that the connection is in open circuit. On the other hand, cable testers can also make sure that there are no unintended connections in the cable. When such a connection is found, it’s called short circuit.

underground service locators

Besides for problem testing, they can be used to tell a variety of things about the cable, such as internal wiring and the length of the cable. All of these features are important and can decide whether a device will be getting enough electricity and operate optimally.

Just like there are many types of cables, there are many types of cable testers. Two of the most common cable testers are audio and network cable testers. The first step to buying underground service locators is determining the type of cables you’ll be testing, and then compare features, options and prices for the particular type of locator.

The term network cable tester refers to testers for telephone cables, computer cables and other communications cables. Besides ensuring that the electric currents run smoothly through the cable, they sometimes have an additional job of confirming that the data can freely flow properly through the cable. Most network tester models run on battery and are generally categorized into three categories, each having a specific use.

On the other hand, audio cable testers are very broadly used by sound technicians and musicians who use a ton of electrical equipment. Any unintended sound during performance can come from one of the dozen pieces of equipment. In order to find out which one it is, use audio cable testers and find the faulty cable within minutes. A quality audio cable tester can be a jack of all trades – very versatile and portable. Many people shopping for one don’t need much information besides knowing whether a cable is properly working or not, and if not, what’s wrong with it.