Tree Inspection: When to Call the Experts?

“To be without trees would, in the most literal way, to be without our roots.” ― Richard Mabey

Trees are vital for the survival of our entire planet. And on top of giving us so much, they are also beautiful to look at. They offer us a natural shadow, which makes a huge difference in our gardens, but more importantly for the planet’s temperature in general. They also create the most breathtaking and relaxing vistas. So, because of all of this and so much more, many people have trees planted on their property.

And with all the things that trees are for us, we should try to take the best care possible for them, especially for the ones we have on our properties. Unfortunately, most of us neglect our trees’ health, until it’s too late. This is not because we don’t care, but probably because trees look so powerful and mighty as if nothing could ever really damage them. But unfortunately, the reality is that there are many different things that can hurt them, natural factors, such as parasites and termites, and human factors, such as construction in their vicinity.

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Professional Tree Inspection – Crucial for the Health of Your Trees

Because of all this, it’s prudent to check your trees regularly to protect them against possible threats to their health. While some of these possible risks can be visible, like physical damage, or some termites, and diseases, others are hardly noticeable to the untrained eye. Spotting the potential problems regarding trees or finding solutions to those can’t be done by anyone, which is why there are people who study to be able to do it. And this is why you need to call for a tree inspection, which is performed by a tree professional, called an arborist or a tree surgeon.

Detecting a disease on time is crucial for early intervention, and for finding the right treatment, in order to successfully cure the tree. So, when it comes to a tree on your property, regular tree inspection is recommended, because it can protect it from diseases and other issues, and potentially prolong or save its life.

Arborists are professionally trained and licenced to assess the health of trees and to create a plan for their care. When you call a professional, they’ll perform a tree health assessment. First, they will check your trees, then they’ll identify the problems, if there are any, and prepare a diagnosis, and finally, they will propose a treatment as well as a plan for managing the disease. After that, if it’s necessary, they can come for a follow-up, or to carry out the needed treatments.

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Other Reasons to Call a Tree Expert

Aside from regular tree inspections, you might also want to (or in some situations have to) call a tree surgeon or an arborist in many different less or more serious situations. For instance, while you may know how to prune your trees properly if you have large trees on your property, you should call a professional for trimming. This way you may not only protect your tree from damages but more importantly, you can protect yourself from potentially dangerous situations and injuries.

But not only are they the people you should call when you need a diagnosis for a tree in your yard, but they are also the ones who can perform a tree risk assessment. In other words, they can detect the potential harmful impact on the trees, for instance from construction work, or they can find the potential dangers the trees pose to whatever is in their vicinity.

Professional arborists are the ones who can prepare different types of tree assessment reports, as well as propose the best course of action. They are also the people you call when you need to remove a big tree, whether it’s because of an untreated health risk, or because of other reasons. They can detect things that pose a threat to the trees, or the potential dangers they can pose to whatever surrounds them.

For instance, trees’ roots can get damaged on a construction site from the construction activities, with all the heavy equipment and the vibrations. If the roots are damaged, the entire tree will eventually suffer – either right away, or in time. So, when someone is proposing a building project, they need a professional assessment report.

The arborist will prepare it by identifying the healthy trees in the vicinity that can be damaged, as well as determining the possible damages. This way they can also prepare a proper plan on how to proceed while protecting the trees from those potential damages. Furthermore, construction sites also may require the removal of a healthy tree, which, again, should always be done by a trained tree surgeon.

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Get Professional Advice Before You Even Start Planting

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.” – Chinese proverb

An arborist or a tree surgeon can also be consulted even when you are planning to plant a new tree, and in some cases, even if it’s not obligatory, it’s prudent to do it. You can ask for a consultation as to whether the species of the tree you want to plant will thrive in the climate and the surrounding conditions in your yard. They are also trained to assess the best location, where you should plant it, and since they know everything about the species and what they need, they’ll also be able to teach you how to take care of the specific tree properly. This way you can grow a lovely tree, and if you inspect it regularly, you can keep it healthy for a very long time.