Top 8 Essential Pieces of Tactical Equipment You Need

Tactical gear has gained massive popularity in recent years. That’s because it’s extremely sturdy and capable, and it can be used in a variety of situations. If you like going on survival expeditions, rough camping trips, or even more dangerous hikes, then you should definitely consider using tactical gear. While the tactical knife is often considered the most popular piece of survival gear there are a lot of other pieces of gear that you should be aware of that are just as important as the knife.


Tactical outfits very rarely come together without some kind of unifying factor, which almost always is a good belt. It’s the piece of equipment that binds everything together but is also extremely practical in its own right. Tactical belts are very useful because they hold pretty much all of the equipment that you’re going to need in a pinch, so that way you’ll be able to access important items without taking off your backpack and scouring through it. Military belts are amazing for this because you can easily attach things like hunting knives, canteens, flashlights, compasses, and pretty much anything you can think of. Military belts can also handle a much bigger load than your typical belt, which is why you always need a good tactical belt on you when you’re forming a tactical outfit.
tactical belt


When you’re creating a tactical out, you’ll always need a vest. It’s one of the most important items, even though a lot of people seem to misunderstand the types and usage of such vests. They’re typically split into two categories, which are utility vests and body armour vests. Utility vests are most common when it comes to tactical outfits because they do all of the basic things you expect from a piece of tactical equipment. They’re sturdy, warm, and generally have a lot of pockets to hold all of your stuff. Body armour vests, on the other hand, are used almost exclusively for protection. They guard you against unexpected assault from animals and even offer extra protection against some natural hazards. Also, some rarer models offer protection against bladed weapons, though they aren’t exactly very common.
tactical vest


Footwear should be of high priority to everyone, no matter the situation. You should never skimp out on good footwear, even in urban situations, but that goes double for situations where you need to rely on tactical gear. They’re meant to be extremely durable against the elements, as well as extra comfortable, and if you’re looking for waterproof boots, you’ll never go wrong with tactical ones. They can even protect you against unexpected hazards because they significantly reduce the risk of muscle straining and injury due to their focus on traversing rough terrain.
tactical boots outdoors


Tactical pants are extremely useful at all times. Since you’ll be moving almost all of the time, you’ll want something that can handle the physical stress of movement without tearing. You can’t really expect that from any other type of pants. They also tend to have a lot of extra pockets, as well as protection against the elements. Most tactical pants tend to be similar because they were invented around 30 years ago to allow all special agents of government agencies to be able to move around with ease, while still offering a tactical advantage.


It used to be that watches weren’t really considered part of a tactical outfit. They had good features and were waterproof, but that’s pretty much where their usefulness ended. Nowadays, smartwatches perfectly complement pretty much all tactical outfits due to their sheer usefulness. They can provide you with GPS, track your movement and personal statistics, and even have emergency uses. These types of features and data can prove invaluable in the right hands, especially if you find yourself in rougher situations and unhospitable terrain. Merely tracking your heart rate so that it would warn you when you’re exerting yourself is extremely useful, let alone all these other features.
tactical watches


Most people tend to forget about holsters when you’re getting tactical equipment. They go hand in hand with army belts and can be customised to suit your body type, movement, and even style with ease. Holsters can hold a lot of different things that aren’t weapons, too. You can use it for a knife, absolutely, but you can also use it for holding a flashlight, maybe a compass, or even possibly a hatchet for gathering kindling. Most holsters are worn around the waist, but some can be worn beneath the arms for a subtler appearance.


A good flashlight easily makes all the difference in the world. It can quite literally be the difference between life and death because illumination at night should be something you take very seriously. It not only illuminates the way forward, but it can also guard you against predators, and even human assailants because no creature wants to be blinded by intense light. The tactical flashlight bodies are also physically enhanced so that you could use them as blunt striking objects in defence.


Tactical knives are typically the most popular tactical items on pretty much all lists. That’s because they’re incredibly useful in and out of tactical situations, and they also come in many different forms, shapes, and sizes. From hunting knives to foldable ones and specific tactical ones, there is no shortage of knives to choose from. They can be used for a variety of activities, including defence, so you should always have a handy tactical knife when you’re forming your tactical outfit.

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