Top 5 Ergonomic Office Chairs to Relieve Back Pain

Back pain is not something you should neglect and leave untreated. The number of people suffering from back pain grows every day, and it grows fast. Doctors say that back pain that lasts more than 3 months is considered chronic and can affect more than just your body. It can change the function of your brain, affect attention, cause short-term memory and alter your social skills.

Research has shown that people working in offices are more prone to back pain than people who have physically demanding jobs. So, if you’re working in an office, the chances of you getting back pain are high. That’s why you need to do everything you can to ease the pain and tension or even better prevent it. And it all starts with choosing the proper office chair.

Buro Metro

buro chair

If you think that every office chair is the same, let us show you that’s not the case. Everyone’s body is different that’s why not all office chairs are designed the same way. One of the best chairs to prevent back pain and boost your productivity is the exquisitely-designed Buro metro mesh chairIt provides an even distribution of contact to the upper and lower spine thus, providing extra support that gives a better posture and of course, reduces tension and improves circulation.
When you spend a lot of time sitting at a desk, you should be looking for a chair that’s adjustable, flexible, functional and adaptable. The Buro office chair provides all these perks and much more. The ergonomic contemporary design and adjustable seat and back tilt are emphasized and provide you with the ultimate comfort.

These chairs have a dynamic, intelligent seating technology with polyurethane moulded foam. The seat and backrest can be set to 4 positions with automatic adjustability, and the weight tension also adjusts automatically. They have a black nylon base and adaptable depth seat slide. All of these features, combined with a customizable seating fabric and a breathable mesh back, are the definition of ergonomic seating and outstanding comfort.

The Buro metro mesh chair is the perfect option for people with more demanding physical needs because every detail is designed and put together to support your body the right way and prevent any discomfort. The combination of high-quality materials, continuous testing and upgrading has created a world-class chair that every office worker would love to have. They also have a variety of styles so you can also pick a model that best suits your office design.

Herman Miller

Herman Miller chair

Herman Miller has always been very serious about comfort, quality and posture improvement in their manufacturing. With many office chairs to choose from, today we’ll talk about the incredible Mirra 2. Like all of their chairs, the Mirra 2 comes with a 12-year guarantee, the components are high-end and function with ease.
Their harmonic tilt adjustment in the recline motion is smooth, and if you like to move around, lean back and prefer a rocking motion while sitting, this is the perfect chair for you. Similar to their Aeron design, the Mirra 2 has many adjustments. The front is flexible and gives you the chance to adjust the depth of the seat. The tension adjustment is very responsive and it has multiple locking positions.

One of the coolest adjustments is the lumbar depth adjustment that allows you to control which side of your back get more support. The armrests are also quite nice. They have a sloping front that allows you to get closer to the desk, providing you with soft pads that accommodate your arms. The breathable mesh back moves and adapts to your back as you change sitting positions. Sitting in this chair is like sitting on a water bed. 


Humanscale chairs

If you ever considered making your workplace more ergonomic friendly, Humanscale can help you with that. Their chairs are stylish and high-end ergonomics are always there. If we had to choose one it will probably be the Freedom chair. It’s highly practical and pretty, but the best feature is the ‘no knobs and levers’ part. Yes, you read that right, a minimal number of levers or knobs are added to this sophisticated chair. It’s self-adjustable, shapes and forms around your body removing the confusion about which knob activated which adjustment.

This unique design created by Niels Diffrient has a weight-sensitive mechanism that locks itself and accommodates the tension and the recline position of the chair. The backrest has a pivoting function and moves with you every time you shift in your seat. No problems for the short-legged people either. The seat depth adjusts to your height without an issue.
The only downside of this chair would be its gel seat pad, which some people would find it firm to sit on. So, if you prefer soft cushion-like seating, this is not the chair for you.


steelcase chair

If the back pain continues, even though you do your regular exercise, we recommend the Steelcase office chairs, especially the Series 2. This is a chair that will last longer, and with its 12-year warranty can seat people up to 180kg. They come with exceptional arm packs that relieve pressure between the arm and elbow by providing cushion and comfort. This is one of the best things about Series 2. The wheels that lock in place have no problem moving through any surface, carpet or hard floor. The backrest can have the standard Air Back, the 3D micro-knit or the fully upholstered back depending on your preferences. The double-padded mesh seat is comfortable and keeps you cool even on the hottest summer days. This is important to Australians because of the hot and humid weather.

The disadvantage of this chair is the firmness of the seat that many people will not like and its height. The lowest point is 40cm which can be a problem for shorter people. But if you don’t mind these things, we recommend trying out the Steelcase Series 2.


ErgoChair Pro

From Autonomous, today we chose the ErgoChair Pro. This is an excellent comfortable and supportive chair for a reasonable price. Everything you need to adjust is made adjustable, armrest, backrest, height and seat tilt. It’s sleek and modern with neck support and a five-wheel base. It’s strong and sturdy and holds up to 160kg.
At Autonomous they like to show their customer what materials they use, and it’s always earth-friendly and recyclable materials that build the chairs. The ErgoChair Pro is one of the top-selling ergonomic office chairs on the market, give it a try and enjoy the easement of the backpain.

In Summary 

No one should suffer from back pain, even though it’s very common and almost inevitable these days. Be sure to do everything in your power to set up the best and most comfortable working environment in your office or at home. Try out some chairs, new desks, do some exercises, and if none of that works, go see a doctor, you might be dealing with a more serious issue.