Tool Storage: Practical Buying Guide

A tool storage box serves a greater purpose than simply being a designated space for tools. Put simply, whether you’re into DIY projects or rely on a professional car garage, a good tool chest is essential. Considering all this, it’s important not to simply purchase any random box. For optimal storage solutions, you require the finest toolbox to suit your needs. So whether you’re working inside or outside, tackling DIY projects, or fixing up a vehicle, find the perfect box for your needs using this easy-to-understand guide

Factors to Keep in Mind When Purchasing a Tool Storage Solution

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Storing Capacity

This might come across as a rather straightforward point to keep in mind. When buying a tool cabinet or any of the other tool storage organisers, consider the number of tools you currently have and anticipate how many more you might acquire in the future to know which size you should go for. Your tool collection will only grow, so it’s necessary to plan ahead with the storing capacity in mind.

Drawer Units

It’s crucial to consider the number of drawers in your tool organiser to accommodate all your tools adequately and ensure they can fit the width and length of your cabinet tools.


The most crucial aspect of a tool organiser is its durability. Invest in a design wisely by giving a thought to the materials for the whole box and details as it is a significant purchase.

Opening System

Two common types of drawer opening system are slides typically used on tool chests. One drawer doesn’t offer much advantage and can actually make it challenging to open. Another variety is the ball-bearings drawer slide system. This style is both intelligent and user-friendly, allowing the drawer to function smoothly even when it’s loaded with heavy items.


Using a tool cabinet or box or cart is essential for keeping your tools safe. Therefore, it is essential for this storage solution to feature a meticulously crafted locking mechanism. There are designs with an internal locking system that conceals the drawers when the top lid is closed, while others feature a key-operated lock for added security.

Most Popular Types of Tool Storage

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Figuring out the reasons behind needing a tool organiser is crucial, even if it’s a vital addition to your equipment. It will be used to store a few household items that are frequently used around the house. Do you enjoy working with tools or are you a semi-professional looking for compact units that can easily fit in your home while offering maximum storage space? Are you setting up a spacious garage? Will you bring your organiser, along most of your work equipment, to different jobs or locations? Identifying your work style will assist you in determining which category to explore.


A toolbox, also known as a toolkit or workbox, is essential for organising, carrying, and protecting your tools. These items have multiple uses, whether for trading, hobbies, or DIY projects, and their contents reflect the owner’s craft. One key distinction among the box, chest, and cart is that the tool box is specifically crafted for easy transportation. Perfect for individuals with a busy lifestyle.

Tool Chests

Resembling a chest of drawers, this is a tool cabinet designed to store tools. These chests are significantly larger and are designed to accommodate a vast number of tools. This type of toolbox is commonly found in many handymen’s home, as well as warehouses for efficiency. Usually stationary, however some may have wheels for easy movement. If you frequently need to transport your equipment between different jobs, their size and weight may not be the most convenient design.

Tool Carts

Tool carts are basically tool cabinets with wheels made for easy mobility in the workplace. When working on cars, it’s uncommon to stay in one place for an extended period of time. It can be challenging to navigate around the car when your toolbox is heavy or your chest of drawers is on the opposite side of the room. Having a tool cart is a convenient way to have all your essential tools with you as you move around to work. With lightweight frames, it can be effortlessly moved around, even when fully loaded with everything you need.

Don’ Forget About Tool Box Organisers

tool box organisers

Prevent your tool storage box from turning into a black hole. Various tool organisers are available to assist you in keeping even the tiniest items organised. Drawer inserts made of foam are used in a cabinet to protect tools and prevent them from shifting during transportation. Rest assured that when you open the drawer, everything will be exactly where you left it.

Organise your sockets effortlessly by size with socket rails and organiser trays for quick access. Wrench racks, rolls, and magnetic bars help safeguard your wrenches, ensuring they stay visible and neatly arranged. Bucket organisers are designed as fabric sleeves that neatly fit inside a plastic bucket, creating pockets both inside and outside to keep tools organised.

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