Tips for Choosing a Kids’ Scooter: Spending More Time Outside Is a Good Idea

Scooters are the future of urban transportation. They are fast, safe and can even be used off-road. So, we get it if finding the perfect first scooter for your kid takes you a while; they certainly are not cheap.

What Size Is Right For Your Child?

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Kids’ scooters come in a variety of sizes and types. There are 3-wheel scooters for kids as young as 2, up to 16-inch wheeled scooters for older kids. The size scooter you choose will be based on your child’s age and skill level. The first step is to measure your child’s height. Then select the appropriate scooter height category below. Next, check the length of the scooter’s handlebar and deck to ensure that they are not too long or short for your child to ride safely and comfortably.

A shorter handlebar is better for beginners, as it is easier to control. A more temporary deck is also better for beginners and toddlers because it makes balancing easier. As your child grows and gets more confident on a scooter, you can always upgrade to a larger sized scooter with wider handlebars, a longer deck and larger wheels.

Know Your Child’s Weight And Age

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The age recommendations for kids’ scooters vary depending on the model, so make sure you check the age restrictions carefully before you buy. Some models are recommended for younger riders while others are suitable for older children and, teenagers, even adults. On the other hand, some parents make the mistake of buying a scooter that is too small for their child or not big enough to hold up as they grow.

 Choose The Right Deck Height

Choosing the right deck height for your child’s scooter is important for their safety, as well as making sure you get a scooter that will last them for years. Generally, deck height is the distance from the ground to the top of the scooter platform. The lower this measurement is, the easier it will be for a child to step on and off their scooter. In addition to that, children riding low-to-the-ground scooters are more stable and less likely to fall over. However, older children may not want to ride a “baby” scooter.

Low deck heights are ideal for younger children who need stability and don’t mind looking down on their friends. As your child gets older, they can move up to different scooters with higher decks that also improve speed and maneuverability. The ideal deck height for a child depends on their age, height and weight. Generally speaking, a younger child will benefit from a lower deck with a higher footplate. This will allow them to easily reach the ground from a standing position on the scooter and keep both feet firmly planted at all times while riding. As a child grows and becomes more confident in their riding ability, they will be able to handle a higher deck with smaller wheels.

What Scooter Features Are Important?

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The best scooter for your kid depends on how they plan to use it and what they’re looking for in a ride. Kids as young as three years old can rip on a micro mini. With their lower deck height and small wheels, they’re easy to control, so even the youngest riders can get going without much effort. The micro mini style is also suitable for kids learning stunts and tricks.

With youth scooters, beginning riders can use the smaller 100mm wheels to learn riding basics like leaning into turns and braking. The 110mm wheels are a little faster but still small enough to easily maneuver through tight spaces.

For older kids and teens looking for long-distance transportation or speed, larger wheels are the way to go. A 125mm wheel scooter will be easy to ride over bumps and cracks in the sidewalk and harder riding surfaces like asphalt. A bigger wheel will also let you cover longer distances with less effort than a small wheel would require.

How Much Balance Does Your Child Have? 

Want to know how much balance your child has? An excellent way to tell whether your little one is ready for a two-wheeled scooter is to see how well they do on other riding toys, like bicycles or skateboards. If your child can ride these different types of toys without difficulty, you may want to consider getting them started with a two-wheeled scooter.

To sum Up

When choosing a kids’ scooter, several different factors must be considered. The best tips may be to focus on the safety and comfort of your child when making a decision and then on your own needs once you’ve ensured that they’re covered. After all, when it comes to Scooter riding, everyone’s needs are different! After reading this post, hopefully, you’ll have a better idea of what to look for in a kid scooter online and how to find one that is safe and fun while still fitting within your price range. Kids’ scooters have many uses and can provide hours of riding time outside to keep your children entertained.

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