Thoughtful Gift Ideas for a Housewarming Party

So, you’re invited to a housewarming party. Although these parties can be lots of fun, deciding what kind of gift to bring along often isn’t. In this situation, the standard gift options of alcohol or chocolate seem too lazy as they are more appropriate for a casual dinner party. You want to pick something that’s going to be useful, beautiful and enhance their new living space in many ways. With that being said, here are some items that can make a thoughtful housewarming gift that impresses your hosts.

modern plates


When it comes to functional gift ideas, tableware is the best choice. Especially, plates. When hosting birthdays, anniversaries, and other parties and get-togethers, one can never have enough plates. A set of good plates will have your hosts covered whenever they have people over. You can even get a single sleek, modern plate that has a decorative appeal in addition to being functional. In fact, a single plate with a beautiful design can be a more useful gift as most people tend to already have a whole set.

While you may think that people don’t want a design that differs from the rest of their tableware set, a unique modern plate can be used for a special purpose, like for instance serving sweets or fruit, or simply as some lovely coffee table décor. If you want your gift to be really special, get your hosts a plate that’s made by hand. Because it’s handmade, it will have variations in the thickness and cover of the glaze which gives it a unique character. Just make sure that you pick a plate that’s made from food-safe material and can be used in the microwave and the dishwasher for more convenience.


Greenery is always a lovely option for a gift. If they are living in an apartment, get them an indoor plant, if they have a new garden ready to be planted, pick a lovely decorative tree or shrub. With good care, this can be a lasting gift. If you don’t want to burden them with a high-maintenance plant, succulents are a great choice as they don’t require a lot of care. In addition, you can pick a plant that has a symbolic message or brings good luck to the home. If the host is a close friend or family member, get them a plant that you know they love, or one that’s in a pot or has blooms in their favourite colour.

modern plates


A new home often only contains the bare necessities. Help your hosts in adding the decorative details to their living space by bringing them a nice artwork. Wall art is an especially good choice. Consider the hosts’ personalities and whether they’re into something more traditional or modern. If you know them really good, you can get them a framed typography print with a quote from their favourite book, poem or song.