The Ultimate Skate Accessories Checklist

Entering the skating world is a truly exciting moment. Not just because it’s super cool and thrilling but you can also show off some of your amazing skills and try out new things. It’s all about leading a passionate lifestyle that’s centered on doing flips and kicks in your favorite parks. All the more reason for you to jump into your skateboarding adventure.

The first thing on the shopping list is, quite expectedly, a skateboard. Most people don’t put too much thought into the kind of gear they get afterwards because they think they’ve already got everything they need. This, in turn makes them overlook skate apparel as an important piece of the puzzle. Wearing proper clothes and accessories is actually much more important than you’d think. All of those items are supposed to work together in perfect harmony to give you the ultimate skateboarding experience.

What Accessories Should Skaters Have?

picture of three girls skateboarding in a garage
source: Yaroslav Shuraev on pexels

In a world where skater style and culture are quite popular, it’s not too hard to guess what kinds of clothes you should wear when you take up the actual sport. Sure, those clothes are quite aesthetically pleasing but they also serve a practical purpose – giving you all the comfort you need to get those tricks right.


It’s difficult to pinpoint what qualities constitute the all-round perfect skate shoe. There are lots of factors you need to look out for, including sturdy materials, durable soles, heel support, toe caps, and some good handiwork done in the stitching department. You need a shoe that can effectively absorb impact all while giving you unlimited mobility and board feel so that you really enjoy what you’re doing.

Low tops are the most flexible models since they don’t wrap around your ankle. On the other hand, high tops provide the highest level of ankle protection at the expense of having less freedom of movement. If you want the best of both worlds though, mid tops might be exactly what you’re looking for – extra cushioning upon impact with zero limitations. This is why they’re so popular in the skating community.


picture of a girl sitting on a skateboard
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Even if you get the world’s most comfortable shoes, they won’t be of use to you if you get the socks wrong. Truth be told, you’re bound to get a few blisters or cuts here and there from all the kicking and flipping you’ll be doing. So, to protect the skin on your feet and ease potential discomfort, you should check out some of the cosy skate socks Australia skaters recommend.

Your goal here is to find socks that are both soft and lightweight so that your feet don’t get too sweaty. Additionally, look for breathable materials with great moisture-wicking properties to keep sweat levels to a minimum. You first though might be to reach for cotton pairs but keep in mind that once cotton gets wet, it’s difficult to dry out, so it’s better to search for a blend with synthetics like polyester.

Another thing you need to pay attention to is the fit. Your chosen skate socks shouldn’t get crumpled or saggy because this increases the chance of blisters. Keeping them in the right position will not only make riding more comfortable, it’ll make your skateboard socks last longer too.

Last but not least, you’ve got diversity since there are lots of colourful and vibrant designs for you to choose from. If you’re looking for an edgy look, you should check out the glow-in-the-dark models that will surely leave a lasting impression. For fans of a more minimalist look, you can always go for the monochromatic models which are just as appealing as their patterned counterparts. Plus, most stores ship skate socks Australia wide so you wouldn’t even have to leave your house to buy your favourite pair.


While wearing cosy clothes made of light materials sounds tempting, falling is a regular occurrence in skateboarding and they won’t cut it. You’ll have to look for something that offers a bit more protection against cuts and scrapes to lessen the blow. Loose-fitting jeans are a great place to start, though tough cotton materials such as canvas or herringbone are possible contenders as well.


picture of a girl wearing black beanie riding skateboard on the road
source: Yaroslav Shuraev on pexels

Since skating is a sport that can be done all year round, you’ll have to dress for all weathers. This includes a warm sweater or hoodie for chilly weather coupled with a warm zip-up jacket should do just the trick. For warmer conditions, you can go with a simple cotton T-shirt as the most suitable option. Either way, make sure that what you’re wearing allows you to twist and turn freely with no restrictions. Otherwise, you won’t be getting the true skating experience.

Hats and Beanies

Known as the trademark skate accessory, hats and beanies of all shapes and sizes are must-haves for all fans of the sport. You can always match them to the color of your skate socks to create a fun little ensemble as you ride your way into the sunset. There’s nothing more freeing than feeling that air hit your face, wouldn’t you agree?


picture of a girl riding a skateboard on a sidewalk
source: Tyler Nix on Unsplash

While this isn’t exactly a core piece of equipment to have, it can prove useful in more ways than one. If your backpack is big enough, you can use it to store your board when you’re not using it. If that’s not the case, you can put a few band aids and a water bottle and you’re all set.