The Perfect Gift Ideas for the Skateboarder in Your Life

Skateboarders are a fun bunch, and you are lucky if you have one in your life. Those restless daredevils, always looking for the next trill. If you ever did anything crazy in your life, it was probably with them. And of course you would want to repay them somehow? Whether shopping for holiday gifts, a birthday present or simply showing your skateboarder how much you care, the following items are sure to get them rolling.

A New Complete Skateboard

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This is a no-brainer and of course you have already thought about it, however I’d like to give you a little friendly advice. Gifting a complete skateboard can be sometimes a bad choice, because many skaters fall in love with their existing set ups and are not eager to replace them. Get a complete skateboard as a gift if the person has damaged their board, or it seems like it’s close to breaking. A new skateboard can cost 100 dollars and up, so this gift idea is one of the more expensive ones and reserved for people you are extremely close with. Since it’s so expensive, you are running the risk that the recipient might not like the gift. If the person has a unique taste and you simply can’t figure out what kind of board they’d like, send them a link to a good skate online store and let them choose one by themselves.

Vans Classic Slip-on Trainers

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Skate apparel is important! What Converse are to basketball players and rock stars, that’s what Vans are for a skateboarder. In a few words, Vans are the classic skate shoes that are as edgy as they are comfortable for spending your day riding. With their trademark waffle sole and convenient slip-on design, they are not only perfect for performing tricks, but also for casually kicking around town. You can find a variety of colours and unique designs in any decent skate online store and at some sportsware shops.

Impact Absorbing Insoles

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If buying them shoes is something that’s out of your budget range, here’s the next best thing – insoles! Ha, you’re probably laughing right now. Let me be clear, I’m not talking about those ordinary shoe napkins. Any well-stocked skate shop sells specialized impact absorbing insoles that decrease the pressure from powerful jumps on a skateboarder’s feet. Many of them are orthopedic and made out of foam which reacts and adapts to every step. This wonderful gift can show your skateboarder that you truly care about their well-being.