The Idea Behind Skateboard Shoes

Skate shoes come in all shapes and sizes, there are so many brands of skate shoes for you to choose from, so it can get a bit daunting when you don’t know what to look for. It is important to understand what really separates skateboard shoes from regular shoes to know what you should buy. They are specifically designed to support you in all the right places so you can skate freely. Below we’ll go over a few different aspects of skateboard shoes and why such things as the sole and materials used are important.

Skateboard Shoes

The material of your skateboard shoe is really important in determining just how long the shoe will last. Canvas and hemp materials are usually worn through quite quickly but are lightweight and breathable. Suede and leather while sturdy and strong will get hot and your skin will not breathe through them. You should base what material to buy on how hard you plan on skating. If you are just someone who likes to skate from one place to another, those lighter materials will work just fine, if you are someone who does more technical moves and hard street skating, then you should consider suede or leather as they will hold up better from all that wear and tear.

Another thing you might not have considered is the stitching, but it plays an important role for reinforcing your shoe. They will, of course, offer you protection from your shoes coming apart, but stitching also offers you extra support in areas of the foot. Skating involves a lot of moves that involve the toe box and kick flip zones which are usually where the stitching will be double or triple stitched. These are considered high impact zones when it comes to skating so support in these areas is crucial.

The rise of the shoe is also important and are usually put into three categories. These include low, mid, and high with each offering different benefits. A low shoe will offer you more mobility and not restrict your ankle or foot in any way. A mid shoe seems to be a popular choice as they can give you a little bit more support but are not as constricting as a high shoe. A high shoe will do well in protecting your ankles but they can feel bulky and not give you as much movement. You should test each one out and decide which one you like more and what works best for you.

The sole of the shoe is also important and it usually splits into two different sorts. The first is called a vulcanized sole and the other is referred to as a cupsole. This all falls into personal preference but you should know the differences between them. A vulcanize sole will give you more feel on the board and flexibility as they are gummier, but they do lack support as they tend to be flat. These seem to work best for those who ground tricks and street skating. A cupsole gets its name as it cups your food more and offers you more protection. It feels harder than a vulcanized sole and puts a barrier between you and the board. These are best for people who want more protection especially if you like to skate hard.