Skateboard Apparel: Few Ideas on how to Dress Like a Pro

Dressing like an authentic skater is not as easy as you think. Just like any style you have to get it just right so it looks authentic. Luckily for you, today we will be going over some of the key pieces you will need to look like a skater. We will also be touching on pieces that are trending in the skater world right now so you are ahead of the game. Having the right brands on you and having the right skateboard apparel means you are already half way there. All you need now is a good skateboard and some skills. If you want to know how to dress like a real skater then keep reading below.

Skateboard Apparel


The first thing you need to look for are pants, not just any pants but pants that say skater. While you might see some skaters in tight jeans, they are not really ideal for skating. Most skaters will opt for some baggy or just relaxed pants so they are able to move their legs freely. You will need your lower body to be comfortable and not restricted so you can do the tricks and stunts.


There isn’t really a rule on what kind of t-shirts you should be wearing as far as how restricting they are. You can choose from t-shirts, long sleeve shirts, thermal wear, or shirts that button up at the neckline. Try to choose a shirt that comes with images of skating or from a known skate brand like Magenta, Palace, Huf and so on. Remember to choose a shirt that is skater style all while showing a little bit of your personality.


Hoodies are another popular skater item which is usually worn when the weather starts to get cooler. They are great because they are not as restricting as a jacket and they look much more laid back which is basically the essence of skater style. You can easily slip one over your t-shirt when it starts to get cold and they come in so many great styles and designs you are sure to find something you like.


When it comes to your shoes you need to choose skater shoes as they are designed to give you the best mobility, grip, and protection while skating. There are so many great styles and so many great skater brands for you to choose from. Try a few different styles on and see which ones you like best. Make sure that they are comfortable as well as being stylish.

Hats & Beanies

Flat brim hats really seem to be all the rage in the skating world at the moment. There are so many brands that make them in all sorts of different colours and styles. These are great for the summer and warmer months but in the winter, you definitely want to be wearing a beanie. Skaters really have made the beanie their own, try to go for one that’s slightly baggy or droopy at the back.


Another recent trend that has been showing up in the skater world is printed and brightly coloured socks. There are so many cool socks coming out from all different brands with so many unique and different prints. Try finding ones that really express your personality, they are also a lot of fun! There is such a huge variety to choose from when it comes to skateboard apparel make sure you don’t forget to express yourself.