Simple Ideas for Bringing Your Garden Back to Life

Winter slumbers are never easy to recover from. I don’t know about you, but I’m still struggling to return to my favourite spring outdoor activities, especially during the days when the weather is so unpleasant that it makes me forget about the fact that springtime began nearly two months ago. However, there is one passion of mine that nothing (not even the scariest storms nor the heaviest rainfalls) can make me give up on, and that, as you can assume, is gardening.

Tending to my precious flowers, trees, and vegetables is something that soothes my soul, helps me reconnect with Mother Nature, and reminds me how lucky I am to own a house with a backyard. Yes, to have a garden is to be truly blessed, which is why you should never neglect yours nor take it for granted. So, if you believe that your garden needs to be refreshed after all the chilly winter days it has endured, then I am here to share with you several simple and easy ideas for bringing your yard back to life.

But before I do that, I would like to remind you to get rid of all the dead plants in your garden and fertilize and mow your lawn. When shopping for a bag of lawn fertiliser, make sure you know the meaning of the three numbers on the label. These numbers show the percentage of the primary nutrients your grass needs – nitrogen, phosphate, and potassium. Many experts say that the 20-5-10 mixture is a good basic mix for spring. Some of them also say that applying an organic lawn fertiliser is always the smartest option.


Once you get all of this done, the fun can begin. Here are some of my ideas (I hope they’ll inspire you).

Welcome New Flowers to the Family

If it feels like your garden is becoming a little bit dull and colorless, then you can easily cheer things up by planting a couple of new rose bushes or lavender plants. Trust me, these plants’ vibrant and heavenly-scented flowers can liven up even the blandest of all yards.

Put Your Trees and Shrubs in Beautiful Pots

Planting your trees and shrubs in elegant white, black or brown pots can be a really tasteful choice. This is how you will have the chance to change their spot and shake things up every once in a while. Plus, you can try to find such pots that will match your outdoor lounge setting perfectly. This will sure turn your garden into a lovely haven.

great backyard

Start Growing Your Own Vegetables

I must admit that this idea is my favourite one. I’ve been growing my own lettuce, kale, beet, and green beans in self watering vegetable planters for two years now, and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results. Trust me, there’s no sight like the one of your own food growing in your own backyard.

Let me end this article with this kind reminder: cherish your garden and don’t be afraid of change.