Scandinavian Stools: The Perfect Idea for Complementing a Minimalist Interior

So, you’ve succeeded in creating an airy and soothing Scandinavian interior. Congratulations! Now that your home is so impeccably designed, I’m sure you’ll want to invite people over and show it off. But this inevitably raises the question – How can you preserve the simplicity of the space while still providing people with enough opportunities to sit? After all, including an additional sofa or a bench can take up a significant amount of space which directly clashes with the main principle of Scandinavian – less is more.

Scandinavian stools

Luckily, there is a simple solution – include stools as part of your design scheme. And I don’t mean only in the rooms reserved for entertaining like the living room and dining room. The great thing about stools is that they can find their virtually anywhere in the home – as an alternative night-stand in the bedroom, a plant stand in the hallway, a side table in the living room, and of course, as counter stools in the kitchen. So, when the time comes to have people over, you can simply gather all stools that you’ve scattered in a subtle way throughout your home. And voilà – you have the perfect setting for entertaining!

But although most stools are compact enough to fit anywhere without taking up much space, in order for them to truly blend in with your interior, you need to choose wisely. With that being said, it’s best to opt for designs that go along with the Scandinavian theme. Selecting Scandinavian stools often means looking for pieces that are carefully crafted out of fine woods such as walnut or oak. After all, these solid woods have a warm colour and rich texture that beautifully matches the natural and cosy vibe that dominates in Scandi-interiors.

But besides opting for quality, natural materials, you also need to stick to simple and elegant designs. After all, the simpler the stool, the more versatility it offers, allowing you to use it in a variety of ways throughout the home. With that being said, try to go for designs that feature little to no details like backs, footrests or armrests. Scandinavian stools also rarely come with upholstered seats as the addition of a fabric would make them more demanding as far as cleaning goes. But if you find this simple look is too safe, a simple twist like Scandinavian stools with three legs instead of four can add the perfect visual intrigue.