Why Is Getting a Rear Bar a Great Idea?

The Toyota HiLux is one of Australia’s most reliable vehicles which is able to take on most roads, including the rough off-roads. Its high ground clearance, sturdy design and high-profile tyres can overcome virtually any obstacle you put in front of it. However, that doesn’t mean that you should go ahead and take on the world with your stock HiLux. In fact, if you’re frequently going off the beaten track, that’s a rather bad idea. There are various different accessories that are designed to help protect your valuable HiLux, and one of them is the rear bar.

Rear Bar

When looking to buy a rear bar HiLux aftermarket parts manufacturers offer a wide assortment of types and models that are especially designed to do what your stock rear bar cannot – offer optimum levels of protection, and give you the ability to store two wheels on it. Typically, aftermarket rear bar HiLux manufacturers create their rear bars from durable materials, even though their lightweight construction may lead you to believe otherwise.

Rear Bar

Additionally, it’s a great accessory to have if you’re into the caravanning lifestyle, as it features strong towing points which allow you to easily pull a caravan or trailer, help tow another vehicle, or even pull yourself out of a sticky situation, given the fact that you’re using a winch to do so. That being said, a reliable towing point can be essential when venturing off-roads. There have been many instances of people using a winch with an unreliable towing point, which ultimately ended up with the entire stock bumper being pulled out because it couldn’t handle the stress.

Rear Bar

As briefly aforementioned, a rear bar can give you a higher clearance, as well as the ability to crawl over obstacles without fearing that your rear end will be exposed to damage from rock impact when going at corners. Moreover, it will guard your rear end against drag and scrapes. Stock bumpers are usually large and block-shaped, which makes them significantly more fragile than their smaller aftermarket counterparts.

To sum up, a durable, quality, aftermarket rear bar can be the difference between leaving unscathed from rear impact, and getting your HiLux severely damaged or worse – you getting injured. For the relatively affordable price of rear bars, they provide a lot of benefits, such as: protecting you and your vehicle, serving as secure and reliable towing points, and being able to carry two wheels without compromising your clearance.

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