Practical, Comfy & Stylish Workwear to Get the Job Done

hard yakka men's working pieces

They say that you should dress for the job you want, but in reality, you should dress for the job you have. This is especially true if you work in a high-risk environment, tough terrain or you’re exposed to extreme weather conditions. Working in a demanding environment is hard by itself and without the appropriate garments you won’t perform your duties well and you might even hurt yourself.

Just imagine how uncomfortable it would be to work the land under the hot Australian sun without adequate protection or how dangerous it would be if construction workers wore regular t-shirts, shorts and sandals on site.

There’s a tool for every job and likewise, there’s work wear for every line of work. Continue reading to find out about the different types of work clothes and how to choose clothing to get the job done.

Types of Work Wear

repairmen wearing work clothes

Nowadays, there’s heavy-duty clothing for every situation. Before you go shopping or looking for work clothes online, it’s important to assess and evaluate the risks associated with your job. Do you work at night? Are you exposed to direct sunlight for long periods? Is the worksite dusty? These are the types of questions you need to ask yourself to find the perfect work clothes that’ll suit your needs.

Coveralls are suitable for numerous lines of work because they offer full-body protection from dust, heat, dangerous chemicals and other hazards. Combined with other PPE gear like helmets, gloves and boots, this one-piece garment will guarantee your safety from your wrists to your ankles. They are easy to put on and fit loosely over your clothing. Thanks to the new technologies and innovative fabrics, coveralls are an ideal solution if you’re working in a high-demanding environment.

construction worker wearing work uniform

High visibility clothing is the best option if you’re working night shifts or you’re performing duties on the roadside. There’re hi-vis jackets, vests and shirts that will ensure your safety when out and about dark areas.

If you need protection from the elements, choose workwear made from specialist fabrics that can be fire retardant, waterproof, windproof, insulated or offer UPF protection depending on your needs.

Choosing High-Quality Work Clothes

man wearing hard work shirt

Workwear is synonymous for heavy-duty. Choosing high-quality work clothes that can withstand extreme wear and tear is of utmost importance for your safety and comfort. You buy cheap, you buy twice, but in this case, cheap clothes may cost you an arm and a leg, literally.

Buy clothes made from durable heavyweight fabric that can stand up to abrasion, friction and frequent washing. Pay attention to the stitching, there should be double or triple needle seams and reinforced stress points. You’ll also need a reliable zipper that won’t break, pop off or misalign. YKK zippers are considered to be the best in the industry.

Metal rivets are another thing that will make your clothes last longer. Those tiny metal bits have the strength to hold the sturdy fabric together and can withstand a wide range of strains and movements.

Choose Practical Clothing That Will Make Your Days Easier

Practicality is the next thing you should consider when searching for work clothes for sale. First, you need to be able to quickly dress and undress. You shouldn’t bother with complicated manoeuvres to put on your clothes and unnecessary features and details can make figuring out what goes where difficult.

wearing fxd workwear

Next, you’ll need a few, reinforced external pockets made from materials such as Dura500™ which offers the ultimate tensile strength and durability. These pockets are convenient for your most-used hand tools, keys, and other sharp items. The internal pockets should also be durable and double-layered and you can use them to safely carry your personal belongings.

Odour inhibiting clothing is also a very practical solution if you’re self-conscious individual and can’t stop stressing whether something smells funky.

Stay Productive with Comfortable Work Clothes

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People who wear comfortable clothes at work are more productive, efficient and happier. Keep this in mind when you go shopping or buy work clothes online.

Opt for a snugly fit and stay away from anything too tight or too loose. Tight clothing will make you feel restricted and can cause discomfort during long working hours whereas loose clothing can cause safety concerns because it can get in the way and interfere with your movements.

Choose workwear made from breathable materials that feel good on the skin. Premium quality 100% cotton fabrics are considered to be the benchmark for work clothes because they the most comfortable and best for keeping sweat at bay. Also, look for fabrics that are pre-washed because this allows for a comfy fit.

Work Wear Can Be Stylish Too

cowboy outfit for the australian outback

Although looks and style should be the least of your worries when buying heavy-duty clothes, that doesn’t mean that you can’t look good. After all workwear clothing plays a huge role in the mainstream fashion and you can experiment with colours, patterns, textures, layers and accessories to create an outfit that’s stylish and yet protective.

mens chino pants

For instance, some workwear pants are similar to chinos, dickies and cargo pants all of which are making a comeback in fashion. Combine them with a hard Yakka work shirt and a timeless pair of Caterpillar boots. Throw in a sturdy utility coat such as CAT’s Sequoia shirt jacket to add a touch of toughness and finish the look with a beanie or a bucket hat.

Tradesmen and skilled workers aren’t the only ones who wear heavy-duty clothes. From skaters to hip-hop heads and fashion icons like Kanye West can be seen rocking this aesthetic.

Final Tip

Work clothes can make or break your day. This is why your workwear should tick all the boxes – durability, safety, practicality, comfort and style, nothing more and nothing less. A regular t-shirt may be comfortable for all-day wear, but it won’t provide UPF protection.

Don’t compromise and buy only top of the line workwear that will make your job more enjoyable.