Pool Robotic Cleaners: Your Ideal Pool Investment

It’s summer, and with plenty of sunshine ahead, all you can think of is refreshing in your lovely pool. After all, you were waiting for this since the last swimming season, dreaming of taking a dip to start the day or refreshing after work to call it a day, but the thought of having to clean it often, maintaining hygiene, is certainly off-putting.

pool robotic cleaners

It’s one of those chores that have to be done once or twice a week at least, depending on how much debris gets in the pool and how often you use it, as it has to do with your own and the well-being of the pool itself. If you have a busy daily schedule cleaning might not exactly be on your priority list, but the thought of hiring cleaning professionals and seeing more money down the drain isn’t an option either.

Welcome pool robotic cleaners, your ideal pool investment. Not only are there different models, so you can choose according to the budget and features you’d find most useful, they are created to be of help; less time spent cleaning means more time for water fun! Much more advanced than circulation pump filters, these cleaners are bound to pay off in the long run, especially since they cut down maintenance.

Low maintenance doesn’t only refer to the pool cleaning but the pool robotic cleaners as well given that they have their own built-in filtration, aside from the main filter system, so once the cleaning is done you job is to remove the filter to get to the bag where all the dirt is stored and simply empty it out then put it back in – nothing more.

Being advanced also means they efficiently clean the hard to reach spots too such as the edges, in an instant, removing all kinds of pollutants, both external and internal, which helps lessen the need for chemicals. In other words, the robotic cleaner takes care of your health, no need to use high concentration of chlorine.

Additionally, these cleaners are safe for the environment in two aspects: they save water and energy. Pool cleaning requires plenty of water but not in the case of robotic cleaners and having in mind they are efficient in debris removal, protecting the main filter from clogging up, less water gets wasted.

As for the energy, they use little voltage, from 20 to 70 watts which is somewhat like that of light bulbs, so you don’t have to worry they’d add to the costs. Furthermore, they don’t emit gases or chemicals. What more could you wish for in a pool cleaner?