Perfect Poolside Outfit Ideas

Dressing for a pool party can be tricky. Looking good and feeling comfortable is not as easy as putting on your little black dress and few stylish women accessories to complement the whole look. When it comes to poolside outfits, you must choose wisely, because an “itsy, bitsy, teenie, weenie” bikini will not make you look and feel good. It’s the details; the small things (I mean accessories) that matter.

So, to help you decide what to wear for your next poolside occasion, I have separated several practical yet stylish outfit ideas that will certainly make you look good and feel confident. Trust me, you’ll rock the party. And the best part of all, you don’t have to break the bank. How?, you may ask. The Internet my dear ladies. There are thousands of online shops that offer a wide selection of pool wear and women accessories online at, are you ready to hear this… SLASHED prices. Just release the Sherlock Holmes hidden in you and you’ll discover the secret world of money-saving deals.

But before you start your online browsing mission, take a look at my tops picks. You’ll love these poolside outfit ideas.

Idea #1: The Must Have Poolside Combination


Just like the little black dress that can “save” you in a number of situations, getting a simple black swimwear is a must. Paired with pink maxi dress, catchy flip flops, and neutral fedora hat and sunglasses, this swimsuit outfit makes the perfect option for various poolside occasions. It’s perfect for lazy day by the pool or for a pool party. Regardless of the occasion, one thing is certain, you will look alluring and feel comfortable at the same time. If this is too plain for you, don’t be afraid to add few accessories; something bold; something oversized and unusual. Browse for women accessories online to what’s hot and what’s not.

Idea #2: Layered Poolside Outfit


Yes, they say love your body as is, but let’s be honest here, sometimes you just want to hide those flaws. Trust me, been there, done that. There is nothing wrong in this, as long as you do it for yourself and not to make other people happy. So on the days when you don’t feel like going to the pool, but your friends insist you join them, a layered swimsuit is the perfect solution. Add some colour and all eyes will be on you. Go with coral green and orange and you will not be on the ‘fashion blunders’ list. And do not forget to top it all with a tan wide brim sun hat. Remember, it is the accessories that can make or break the look, thus choose your beach women accessories online wisely.

Idea #3: “Dress Uniquely, Feel Unique” Outfit!


Few are the women who would dare to dress a swimsuit in such a light and catchy colour. So, why not be one of them? If you want to stand out in the crowd, this is the perfect combination for you. The vibrant light colours will not only make you the center of attention, but will also make you feel joyful and positive. This is the perfect combination for women who know what they want in life and for women whose goal is to express their individuality.