Packing Ideas for Winter Camping

Winter Tents for Camping

Ah, the freedom and adventure of camping. These two aspects are the reasons we Aussies have a timeless affair with camping, so it’s no surprise it’s our number one type of holiday, no matter the season. This even goes for when travelling abroad.

Dreaming of a white Christmas, and the greeting of 2018, the idea of camping in Europe or the US seems more than appealing. If you’re like me, and wish to experience some camping, surrounded by white landscapes, this post can help you out with some ideas on how to make the most of this experience. First and foremost, the adequate shelters: winter tents for camping.

As humans, we require covers and warmth to survive, more so when it’s the case with harsh winter conditions. The last thing you want is travelling just so you’d freeze, without getting the proper rest you need – bear in mind, nights are long, and cold!

That’s why you have to rely on winter tents for camping, designed to provide the necessary amount of insulation, as well as looking for useful properties like being waterproof, preventing leakage, resistance against winds, and snow loads, with elevated floor to keep you dry, and keep moisture away. Other properties you should be after when choosing the adequate tent are compactness, strength (in ropes, and legs), including an easy set up.

If you want to improve the insulation, make sure you choose closed-cell foam pads, lightweight, yet still providing you with the extra warmth to give you the quality sleep you get at five-star hotels. Of course, when speaking of winter, proper clothing is also considered one of the camping essentials.

This goes for wicking underwear, hat, gloves, scarves, and facemask, as much as it does for adequate snow footwear, and torso layers (hoodies, vests) – all insulated, breathable, and waterproof, so don’t leave anything out unless you want to freeze (having in mind you can lose half of your body’s heat through uncovered head); don’t be cheap on these items either if you want the utmost warmth and protection.

Though contrary to what it might seem, your eyes require the same, if not more, protection as they do in summer, so it’s important to pack up the right sunglasses (e.g. glacier glasses designed to reflect off snow), otherwise you risk getting snow blindness. Your face and lips need coverage too, so don’t forget the sunscreen and lip balm.

And, of course, you can’t leave home and go into the great white unknown without the much-needed compass (with signalling mirror), ice axe, snow shovel, multifunction watch, torches, and extra food as well as lots and lots of energy drinks to keep your energy levels on a constant high in the cold. Are you ready for some white camping?