New Campers: Ideas for Hassle-Free Experience

Though Australians are known for the love of the outdoors and camping, not all of us are that excited to hit the road, take a trip through nature and leave civilization behind. If you find camping stressful, even for a weekend, here are some ideas for a hassle-free experience to get you excited and start planning your next camping trip.

outdoor sports equipment

Dress for the Weather

First things first, it’s important to get all the necessary bits and pieces of outdoor sports equipment for a comfortable stay in nature. Regardless whether you’d be camping with an RV or sleep in a tent, you have to have the suitable clothing that provides the needed protection from the weather elements, is waterproof, breathable and moisture-wicking, all essential components with both summer and winter clothing.

The same goes for footwear so if you’re planning on doing a lot of hiking it’s advisable to get the comfortable hiking boots that would rid you of fatigue. Don’t forget to pack up a pair of extras of clothes and underwear just in case you need to change and by all means choose the socks carefully too because the material has a say in their warmth and dryness and instead of synthetics or cotton choose bamboo and merino wool instead.

Plan, Plan, Plan

It goes without saying you can’t leave home without doing the necessary planning first and this doesn’t only refer to the needed outdoor sports equipment but the food (the ingredients, the cooking options, the utensils), sleeping equipment, entertainment, the first-aid kit, medications, tools like torches and gadgets as well.

Since a longer stay outdoors requires more planning, a short weekend trip is always the better alternative for new campers, though if you want to turn it into an even more hassle-free trip go someplace close to home that doesn’t require much driving. This way you’d be able to stop by the place and get to know it before the trip so you’d know how to pack up to the last detail.

Yes, you’d be surprised how little is needed for a change of scenery! Besides, even in case something happens that you simply must go back earlier than planned, you’d be able to go back fast.

outdoor sports equipment 2

Be Minimal

It won’t be easy to adopt the lifestyle of a minimalist but carrying more weight as a camper is going to slow you down. It’s advisable to make a list of what you simply can’t do without and what you can easily leave behind, thinking of storage primarily.

For instance, foldable cutlery would do you well instead of the regular ones, as well as aluminium foil used as an alternative to pots and pans.