Mindful Rituals: Perfect Your Tea Drinking Routine to a T

Self-care habits help you slow down a little and rise above the daily chaos, create mindfulness, and allow yourself to feel relaxed and at peace, both physically and mentally. So, tea lovers unite. This one’s for you. What I am suggesting is for you to take your love for tea to a whole new level and set some time aside for a small, personal ceremony and quality me-time. Needless to say, for this purpose, you’ll have to stay clear of distractions such as your phone. That’s the first important condition for what follows…

cutlery tea set

Don’t rush it. The point of the ritual is to enjoy every step. In light of that, first you need to find the flavour that attracts you the most. You can either think about what you have drank the most so far, or let the moment decide by choosing the smell that resonates with you the most here and now, or maybe try something completely new. Then, create space. Yes, literally and figuratively. Create a corner in your home that will be your personal ritual space, and don’t allow any distractions near it. It’s about you, not other people, not other things, you and your own tranquillity. And, of course, find the right time of day when you can completely let yourself go and enjoy the ritual. The time reference is not that important. What matters is that you are 100% immersed in this experience. So, whether you have 15 minutes or 45 minutes – make sure they count.

Don’t spoil the fun. Tea preparation also matters. Put on some soothing meditation music and gently prepare your teapot and teacup. Handle them with care and respect and don’t make any rush movements. The type of modern cutlery set you use also makes a difference. For instance, in order to make sure that you choose just the right amount of tea leaves, you can use a scoop and add even more mindfulness to the whole ritual, where nothing is neglected or undermined. In addition, a luxurious muddling spoon that’s simply by itself a hint of abundance, as a part of your modern cutlery set, can also add to the overall experience, especially when preparing an ice tea. Fill up a tall tumbler and visualize the flow of the liquid as a flow of blessing entering your atmosphere.

tea set

Enjoy every sip. Once it is done, pour it in your favourite teacup and slow down. Remember to wholeheartedly enjoy the warm and relaxing sensations tea offer. Take a stirring spoon, add anything you prefer, and enjoy the sound of stirring and the smell of your perfectly prepared tea. And finally, let yourself enjoy that cup of tea, no distractions, no stress. You will most certainly feel so much better afterward – more relaxed, and definitely healthier. By regularly practicing this routine, in time, you will start to show genuine appreciation for the small joys of life, and you will find different ways to elevate other seemingly ordinary moments into important experiences.