Leatherman Wave SIGNAL: The Multitool For The Great Outdoors

Leatherman Wave SIGNAL The Multitool For The Great Outdoors

Purchasing a multi-tool is number one rule for every adventurer of the wild outdoors that wants to be ready for any of the number of unexpected challenges that await them. This little ally will be always at your disposal and help you deal easily with every obstacle that crosses your path because you have the right accessory at hand. Leatherman Wave designed the perfect tool for those who participate in activities such as camping, hunting, fishing and hiking and it is built to suit your outdoors skills to the max.

The mos famous Leatherman Wave line of multi-tools is the Signal. Today, they have updated it with the diamond coated sharper to give you more durability. They’ve also built in a fire-starting ferro rod, and of course, for emergency cases – you have a whistle. This multi-tool can come either in black or yellow colour scheme. Leatherman stayed faithful to the old design and went for the nature-oriented look. With this multi-tool you can be prepared for any expected and unexpected situations no matter where you are located so that you can feel safe and take your adventure to the next level. The Signal comes with: Needlenose pliers, regular pliers, two 154 cm replaceable wire and hard wire cutters, wire sharpener, 450hc combo knife, saw, hammer, can and bottle opener, large bit and hex driver, carabiner, box wrench and ferrocerium rod. The manufacturer offers you a 25-year warranty, hence making it one of the longest warranties for a multi-tool on the market! All the blades and tools have a locking mechanism, so it can be safe in your pocket and bag.

Leatherman Wave SIGNAL The Multitool For The Great Outdoors 3

One thing that all users of Signal are impressed with is the delicate craftsmanship, because of the high-carbon material that is used to create this tool. The diamond-like coating comes from a carbon-based origin that offers some of the most unique properties of a natural diamond, which is optimised by Leatherman’s well know heat treatment.

In conclusion, the Signal multi-tool is the perfect companion to bring along anywhere in the wild, and it will help you surely. While there are other brands on the market, The Signal from Leatherman Wave is playing the game as the star player and the others are sitting on the sideline. Whenever you decide to upgrade your arsenal of multi-tools, you won’t go wrong by purchasing this multi-tool – you will just one step ahead of the others!


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