Kitchen Flooring Ideas: Reasons Why You Should Pick Vinyl

Your beloved kitchen is much more than an ordinary utility room. This is where you spend a lot of time cooking, eating, and hanging out with family. This is where you bake delicious cakes, scheme wine and food pairings, catch up with your loved ones in the afternoons and sneak in for late-night snacks.

The design of your kitchen greatly impacts the quality of the time you spend in this space. One of the biggest considerations when designing your kitchen is choosing suitable flooring. A low-grade type will easily get damaged in such a multi-purpose room. Whether you’re designing the room from scratch, or you’re planning a remodelling, your kitchen flooring should meet a few important requirements. Read on to discover how to choose the right option.

What to Consider When Choosing Kitchen Flooring?


Cleaning the vinyl kitchen floor

The main function of a kitchen is a space where you can prepare food. Whenever you’re cooking, spills and stains are a common occurrence. Sometimes cooking endeavours can turn your kitchen into one big mess, and the floor is no exception. This is why the ideal kitchen floor is one that’s easy to clean.


Your kitchen floor is subject to everyday wear and tear. Constant foot traffic, hot food and oil spills are just a few everyday occurrences that can seriously damage your floor in the long run. When choosing the flooring, make sure to go for a strong and durable option.

Water Resistance

Vinyl kitchen flooring

Your kitchen floor frequently comes in contact with water. Splashes from the sink and food spills happen more than once during the day. Low-grade flooring that isn’t treated for water resistance can easily get damaged by moisture. Apart from the nasty stains and warping, the improperly dried floors can start developing mould. To avoid problems like this followed by costly repairs, opt for waterproof flooring for kitchen.

Slip Resistance

Where there is water there are also slippery floors. Stains and spills on your kitchen floor can often result in accidents. The flooring in your kitchen should be nonslip so that you can have safer and more enjoyable cooking. Nonslip floors also guarantee the safety of young children in the kitchen, as they are prone to falling.

Why is Vinyl a Good Flooring Option for a Kitchen?


Vinyl kitchen floor

One of the most resilient and durable flooring options is the vinyl flooring for kitchen. This flooring is designed to withstand the harsh wear and tear of commercial spaces – especially commercial kitchens. It’s extremely tough thanks to the additional polyurethane reinforcement. This sturdy wear layer makes vinyl resistant to any scratches and stains. If you maintain it correctly, this flooring can last you from 10-20 years.


A vinyl tile kitchen floor is resistant to water. This means that you don’t need to be afraid of everyday spills and splashes of water. Vinyl’s protective layer prevents any water from prying into the material, keeping it on the surface. A simple swipe with a mop takes care of the water and allows you to continue creating delicious food. Because of their water resistance, vinyl floors are also a popular option for spaces such as bathrooms and basements.


Vinyl is among the best anti-slip flooring solutions. This is because the textured surface is coated with a special layer that gives it a rubbery finish. Vinyl reduces the exposure to moisture and ensures your safety in a heavy-spill space such as your kitchen.


Cleaning the vinyl floor in kitchen

Any type of flooring requires cleaning from time to time. When it comes to high-traffic spaces such as a kitchen, cleaning needs to be done on a daily basis. The good news about vinyl flooring for kitchen is that you can clean it in a matter of minutes.

To keep your vinyl floor looking good as new, all you need is a broom, vacuum, or a microfiber mop to quickly clean it up. In extreme cases when you need to clean more thoroughly, a cleaning agent paired with a damp mop will do a good job. With a vinyl floor, you won’t have to worry about waxing either. Its strong wear layer keeps it looking stunning for years.

Versatile and Realistic Designs

Lastly, using vinyl flooring in kitchen will make a big impact on your interior design. These floors can take on numerous stylish appearances. Your guests will think that they’re standing on overpriced hardwood floor, when in fact, it’s a wood-look vinyl floor. Vinyl successfully imitates authentic patterns, colours and textures of natural materials.

This makes your floor look and feel like the real deal. There is a wide range of materials that vinyl can imitate wood, marble, stone, and concrete. With the limitless options available, you can choose the one that complements your home design the most.

One problem with vinyl floors is that you will find it difficult to choose your favourite out of the numerous trendy options. Whether you’re going for tiles or a seamless floor surface for your kitchen, there is a large variety of durable and stylish vinyl designs at the stores. Give your kitchen a treat and gear it up with the right flooring.

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