Kids Gift Ideas: Here’s Why a Scooter Makes the Best Present

Kids nowadays have it all, from the cutest children’s clothes, an unimaginable number of toys and games options, to their beautifully decorated kids’ rooms, and yet, not many things seem to be able to get them to turn their heads away from the screens. As they grow, kids are supposed to be more and more active in order to be healthy, but with so much entertainment for them on tablets, phones, computers, etc., inactivity is turning into a big health issue amongst children worldwide.

Luckily, our little ones are adventurists, they love challenges, they are curious, and they especially love doing things grownups do. Along with activities like playing the guitar, dancing, riding a bike, and so on, scooting is getting more and more hype across the globe, as something that’s fun, challenging, and engaging enough to keep them interested and get their attention.

As they are becoming cooler and more popular all around the world, turning even into an extreme sport, as well as a means of transport, with so many different options out there, kids see scooters everywhere and love them even more. So, if you are trying to find the ideal present for a child, one that will keep them happy, entertained, and at the same time, provide them with a lot of health benefits, instead of buying them a toy that they may throw away the next day, you can look for a complete scooter for sale and give them their new favourite outdoors activity.

It Won’t Gather Dust in a Corner

four kids on scooters

There are many toys and activities that can be quite healthy for your child. Unfortunately, not many of them can keep your child’s attention long enough so that they can enjoy all the benefits they might offer. Nevertheless, when it comes to scooters, the story is quite different. Unlike many things that will gather dust in some corner of the house or in the garage, your kid’s complete scooter will most likely be the most used toy they own. Or in other words, your child can get all the benefits this activity can offer them, and that’s a lot. This also means that the child will have to learn how to be responsible so that they can use their new toy for a long time, as well as keep in good condition and clean.

It Promotes Outdoor Time

kids having fun on scooters

One of the best things about these kinds of activities, as we already mentioned, is that they offer a great alternative to staring at a screen, and even more importantly, with a scooter, your child will want to spend more time outdoors, and fresh air is incredibly important for their overall wellbeing. Riding scooters is also a very social activity, which also means that children will meet friends, learn how to socialise, share experiences, learn from each other, compete in a healthy way, etc.

Great for Improving Motor Skills 

cheerful little boy riding a push scooter

Scooting, of course, doesn’t come without risks. Like with any other physical activity, your child may fall, and they may get injured, which is why they’ll need supervision and the right protective equipment. Nevertheless, the fact that riding a scooter requires balance, learning how to protect yourself from falling, learning how to be careful, how to recognise obstacles and avoid them, is one of the reasons why this activity is so beneficial for children.

Riding, kicking, making turns, stopping, steering, balancing, doing so many things simultaneously is great for a child’s development. In order to have fun, they’ll have to use their entire body, and the goal – to have fun and be skilful, is a challenge that kids will accept gladly. So, complete scooters for kids are the ideal educational aid when it comes to developing motor skills, strength, balance, etc. Developing a strong sense of balance is vital in a child’s development. To ride the scooter, the child will have to use one foot to kick and the hands and the other foot to balance it; they’ll have to use their eyes to watch where they are going, and so on. In other words, riding a scooter will also help your child develop hand-eye coordination.

Helps Build Physical Strength

kid riding scooter on rain

Scooters also help children further develop their motor skills, as well as improve muscle strength. This includes the entire body – the muscles on their legs, on their arms, their back and abdominal muscles, their joints, etc. As they more and more about how to ride their scooter, the kid will also develop good coordination – to avoid obstacles, learn how to do tricks and then perform them, learn to gain the momentum and how not to interrupt it, etc.

Good for Intelligence

teen girl on scooter

Another very good reason to find that complete scooter for sale and buy it as a gift for your little ones is that it offers an entertaining and engaging activity that will boost the child’s cognitive abilities. Learning this new activity that requires so many new motor skills will teach your child how to stay focused and attentive. Furthermore, they’ll have to learn how to reason, think logically, find solutions to problems and make decisions. To master the skill and get the most out of their new toy, they’ll have to memorise and use their memory, they’ll have to learn how to observe, process information, watch and listen for obstacles and how to overcome them and so much more.

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.