It’s Wine O’Clock: Get an Idea of the Versatile and Exceptional Australian Pinot Noir Wines

Wine tasting is one delicious and affordable way of travelling to far-off places without physically going out of the country. It’s just as great of a solution when you want to get to know more about your own country, sampling bottles from the different wine regions. With Western Australia, New South Wales, Victoria, and South Australia as some of the main producers, France isn’t the only option in the world of wines that comes with exceptional offers that cater to the most demanding of palates.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a great connoisseur, or a casual wine enthusiast, you’re sure to find something that’s up to your taste from the promising diverse market of Oz. And it’s not only Shiraz the Land Down Under has made its mark over the years;, as of late, to cater to the needs of wine lovers who have demands for more diversification, many have started planting other varieties, like cool-climate loving pinot noir, instead of the usual bold shiraz and crisp chardonnay.

The unique terroir and characteristics of the regions helped propel the distinct Australian Pinot Noir wine with subtle earth undertones among some other exceptional and popular options. This includes well-known competitors such as the light and elegant German Spätburgunder, the vibrant fruity New Zealand product, the spicy Californian option, and the complex and staple French pinot noir from Burgundy the birthplace of this type of grapes.

Where Does the Best Pinot Noir Come from in Australia?

 a glass of Pinot Noir wine, grapes, and wine bottle

As one of the first varieties brought into the country back in the 19th century, specifically 1817 by John McArthur, and the 1830s by James Busby, it’s not surprising it’s the fourth largest red variety in the present day despite its notoriety for being very difficult to cultivate. If you want to treat your taste buds with some exceptional freshness, well-integrated acidity, fruit flavours, and the right dose of spice perfect for various food pairings, choose a bottle from some of the famous regions for this variety:

Adelaide Hills, South Australia

This one comes as no surprise to any wine fan, as it’s the largest wine region in the country, producing exceptionally good cool-climate wines thanks to the location – the Mount Lofty Ranges. If you’re up for some adventures and would like to spice your life with some personalised wine tastings, you should plan a trip to one of the many outstanding award-winning wineries. Or if you prefer the comfort of your own home, you can throw a wine-tasting party by ordering your batch of quality Pinot Noir wine like “The Dagger” by Riposte.

Yarra Valley, Victoria

Being exposed to the Southern Ocean, this region has the perfect climate for Pinot Noir, with cooler temperatures (to give you an idea, the climate is colder than Bordeaux), great elevation, and diverse soil conditions. In addition to being optimal for other varieties, like chardonnay, cabernet sauvignons, and riesling, it’s the Pinot Noir wines that steal the show with the flavours of berries, fine tannins, and the perfect dose of elegant softness.

Mornington Peninsula, Victoria

 a glass of Pinot Noir wine with the background of a field of grapes

In less than an hour’s drive south-east from Melbourne, this is a region packed with vineyards. It’s known for its longer ripening periods thanks to the cooler climates and versatile soil types that provide the optimal circumstances for pinot noir that’s notable for the supple tannins. Known for the delicate floral and red fruit notes, spices, and earth undertones, this is the wine of choice if you’re after something elegant yet intense and textural at the same time.

Macedon, Victoria

Yet another of Victoria’s top-notch wine regions, the Macedon Ranges is known to be the coldest in terms of Australian standards and is famous for the pinot noir that’s very well regarded among wine enthusiasts. With more than 40 vineyards scattered throughout at 300 to 800 metres above sea level, plus the extinct volcanoes of the Great Dividing Range in both the South and the West, you get the perfect conditions for wines that have a vivid red colour, a mixture of rich aromas, complex flavours and smooth texture.

Great Southern, Western Australia

It may not be as popular as the rest of the regions as of yet, as it’s just emerging in the world of pinot noir in the country, but the diverse terroir it’s known for makes for incredible flavours, earthiness, creamy texture, and liveliness of spices.


Many argue the Pinot Isle is the place to go to or buy from if you want to experience the best of the best of Australian pinot noir and with reason – the first vineyards were recorded back in 1823, and have since come to be over 200. The unique maritime climate, characterised by the warm days and cool nights, is perfect for the slow ripening of the grapes which influences the tannins, making the wine one of the best and most expensive of pinot noir varieties.