It’s Cold and Flu Season: Ideas to Speed the Recovery

With summer days slowly going away, we can’t all say we’re looking forward to welcoming autumn because along with the chilly weather, cold and flu are lurking around.

When your immune system isn’t exactly prepared for it, before you know it, you’re waking up with a sore throat and runny nose, and by the end of the day, dealing with annoying cough, difficulty breathing, aching muscles and worse, high fever.

If you’re one of those people who simply refuse to seek the help of medicines, or get some days off, bad news for you is you’re only making it worse so you can’t waste time. To be able to relieve the symptoms and help speed up the recovery, look for the right cold flu medicine. Otherwise you’re going to be facing more than one sleepless night.


Whether it’s getting a cough syrup for chesty or dry cough, nasal drops and sprays, tablets for soothing body aches and pains, and sore throat lozenges, buy accordingly to your symptoms and whatever works for you. After all, not all of us are tablets’ people – some of us find it difficult to swallow them out of fear they’d get stuck when we drink them up.

Of course, the over-the-counter cold flu medicine is just one way of nipping the problem in the bud; you have to remember to stay hydrated, drinking lots of water, tea with honey or just a mixture of lemon juice and honey can do the job in soothing sore throat and stuffy nose.

Cold Flu Medicine

Fluids help you strengthen the immune system, and in case you’re having a fever, they’d get you to sweat which leads to lowering the temperature. Natural juices with plenty of vitamin C are also highly recommended, spicing up meals with ginger too, and increasing the intake of prebiotics, like garlic and onions, as well as fermented foods.

It’s all about strengthening the gut which is what the immune system is connected with. Grandmas had it right all along, chicken soup can get you through the cold and flu season, so now might be the time to learn how to prepare it and make it part of your daily menu.

Don’t forget to make sure the air you breathe is of quality, ventilate the rooms every day by opening up windows to let fresh air in, and keep a humidifier on, but not the one with the warm mist because you’d be turning your home into the perfect breeding ground for bacteria.