Inspiring Ideas and Tips for Writing Love Poems

Today, we’re presenting you our handy tips for writing the ideal love poems and quotes. So, without further ado, let’s kick it off:


Tip #1

Hear out people who give you constructive criticism on your love poems. Some will like your poetry; some will point out your mistakes. You don’t have to live or die by criticism. When you write a great poem, write another one after that, maybe the great one was your peak for that day and maybe you’re on a roll.

Tip #2

The bigger the theme that you’re writing on, the more important the details are when you write. Write what you want to say, and let the readers decide the meaning.

Tip #3

Write a poem from a different point of view, and is the total opposite of everything you believe and stand for. If you can do it, do it without the irony. And write often, it’s the way you develop your skills in writing.

Tip #4

Have a dream journal, and write in it. Dreams are the most creative thing when it comes to people, so pay some attention to them. If a dream doesn’t really inspire you, you don’t have to write a love poem about it. The important thing is to see what kind of thoughts will emerge from your dreams.

Tip #5

We all have our demons and our fears. When writing, don’t run away from them, instead, follow them. Don’t run and hide from subjects that are uncomfortable for you. Even if you don’t publish your work, the poems that you write will help you to write honestly and be as honest as you possibly can.

Tip #6

Have a notebook with you at all times. Write anywhere you can. Write in parks, on the bus, in a waiting room, or on the street. The thing is that you don’t have to write about the place that you’re at, but you’ll be greatly influenced by it.

Tip #7

Most people don’t like poems that focus on forms. However, most of the great poets learned to write love poems in forms, before they moved on from them. It’s a challenge when you write in a form, it makes you think and changes your perspective.

Tip #8

When you can’t think of anything to write, you can go for a walk, lie on the floor or go eat someplace new to get some ideas and clear your head. The best way to do that is to write down every sentence, phrase or word that comes to your mind. You can use anything that you’ve written while doing this, but the main purpose is to clear your head.

Tip #9

Sit down and write the worst poem you can think of. Use every clich√©, use pretentious words and make the reader feel like he got beat by you. It feels good and after that, get back to your usual work. The thing is, don’t be scared to write a bad love poem. Every great poet has written one. Most of them have written hundreds and even thousands.

Tip #10

Look for a way that you can publish your poetry. You have to send your poems into the world so they can inspire, motivate and help other people the same way they did to you. Of course, the best way is the internet. Maybe one day you’ll be a world famous poet, but you can’t know unless you try.