Ideas To Safely Operate Dumper Trucks

Dumper trucks are massive vehicles used for transporting loose material such as gravel or sand. Due to the versatility of these vehicles and its heavy use in mining and construction industries, the dump truck sales have increased in the last decade. And so did the number of dump truck related injuries. These heavy-duty vehicles require high levels of caution when operated with. If a dump truck was simple and easy to operate, everyone would be a dump truck driver. But reality is quite different.


It is a fact that dumper trucks are one of the most commonly used heavy-duty vehicles on construction and mining sites, but are also the most common cause of serious injuries and fatalities. Hence, proper maintenance, especially when it comes to the safety, is strongly recommended. Take a look at several ideas on how to safely operate with these monstrous machines.

  • Pre-Start Up Check – Before performing any action with the dumper truck, a previously made start up check is a must-do thing. Vital fluids, such as hydraulic fluids, engine oil, transmission, power steering and water, need to be checked. Another important thing that needs to be done is to inspect the tires and mud flaps condition. Headlights, running lights and brakes should also be inspected before each use.
  • Gauges and Refueling Check – The dump truck supervising/maintenance team (or the driver himself) needs to make sure that all gauges are working properly and that they are within the normal operating ranges.
  • Never Forget the Operational Hazards – Each type of dump truck has its own maximum gross vehicle weight rating, which should never be exceeded. Operating with an overloaded dump truck, represents an increased risk of losing the control over the vehicle what can cause an accident.
  • Stay Outside the Dump Truck Cab while Waiting for а Load – One of the precautionary measures to ensure the safety of the driver is to not be in the cabin during the loading of the dumper truck. Falling rocks and debris can easily crash through the windshield and injure the driver.
  • Cover the Load – Make sure the load is always safely covered to prevent accidents on the road.
  • Dumping Loads Safely – The bed of a dump truck is one of the most valuable parts, but is can also be extremely hazardous for the driver and those around. Hence, the driver should always make sure there is someone to guide him when dumping a load.

When looking to buy a new or used dump truck, finding dump truck sales deals should not be your main concern. Finding a truck that is in good condition and is safe to operate should be your priority.