Ideas to Make the Best of Your Activity Tracker

When you get an activity tracker it is important that you stick with it and have realistic expectations. It is a great invention with a sole purpose to improve the quality of your life. Most people, however, seem to stick to it for the first week and then forget all about it. There are ways to make sure you get the most use out of your activity tracker which we will cover below. You can find activity tracker Australia wide so if you want to improve your fitness and health, keep reading to find out how.


Stop Counting Calories

Many activity trackers also count calories but they are inaccurate most of the time. The calorie counter is based on only a few simple inputs like your age, gender, height, and weight. This is not an accurate reading, if you want something more accurate you should pair it with a heart rate monitor. Of course, the best way to make sure you are being healthy is just to avoid processed sugary foods altogether.

Set Goals On A Daily Basis

Most activity trackers have goals that are already preset, however your lifestyle might be different and you can’t easily hit these targets. Our suggestion is to use the tracker for about a week with the presets and then adjust it accordingly as to suit your individual needs. Make a list of times during the day you are able to add more steps to your routine. This will make it clear for you where you need to improve in your everyday life.

Make Small Changes

Once you know where you need to change, it becomes easier to make small changes every day rather than setting unrealistic goals. Once you start changing a few little things, the rest will come naturally. Setting small goals for yourself throughout the day will motivate you more and every time you complete a small goal you will feel great.


Find Support From Family & Friends

A great support network of people will allow you to constantly stay motivated. People find it hard to stick to programs, the novelty wears off and sometimes you may not feel like you are getting anywhere. Getting friends and family involved in your journey will motivate you more and they will be there to keep you going when you are not feeling your best. If some of your friends are also on the same track, then doing workouts together is another great way to keep each other motivated.

Reward Yourself

You should keep track of your accomplishments and reward yourself every time you hit a goal from those you have set for yourself that day. You should keep a jar and put a dollar or two into it every time you stick to your fitness goals. After a month, go and buy something with that money that you really like to keep yourself amused and positively reinforced. You are your biggest fan, so it is okay to reward yourself for your hard efforts.

Hopefully, after reading this article you feel more motivated and more able to stick to your health and fitness goals and stay on track! If you are looking to find a good activity tracker Australia wide, you can do a quick search online to browse and buy the perfect model for you and get started on your fitness journey today.