Ideas on Making the Most of Double Sided Tapes

VHB Double Sided Tape

There are multiple reasons to use a double sided tape, for both domestic and commercial purposes. Its clean working method and versatility are what make it stand out from other types of tapes, but there’s much more to it. It’s great for mounting virtually anything and anywhere, if you use a quality tape. A double sided tape allows you to perform household repairs and maintenance.

You can find double sided tapes under names such as double-coated or double-faced tapes, and you can use it on a wide variety of materials, such as glass, wood and plastics, among others. There’s a wide variety of double sided tapes and the 3M VHB double sided tape is one of the more popular ones for a couple of reasons.

3M has been manufacturing the VHB double sided tape for over 2 decades. The tape is viscoelastic with a 100% closed cell, durable, robust construction and it has moisture and chemical resistance properties. It’s oftentimes used as an alternative to liquid adhesives, screws, rivets and welds and is just as, if not even more reliable than all of them. Furthermore, it’s cost-efficient and easy to use, which can increase productivity and reduce production time.
VHB Double Sided Tape
However, sometimes the tape is not all about its adhesive capabilities. That being said, the VHB tapes have a smooth, enhanced and clean design, making it applicable for a wide array of tasks. The most typical construction of a double sided tapes includes an adhesive, a carrier, another adhesive, a silicone, a release liner and another silicone.

When it comes to double sided tapes for industrial application , you’ll come across two main varieties. Those that have a thin bonding system and those that have a thick one. The ones with a thick bonding system tapes are generally better at bonding non-uniform, highly textured or patterned and unusual surfaces overall. They involve a foam carrier layer, which can vary in strength significantly. Thin bonding systems on the other hand are, you guessed it, much thinner. Sometimes they’re so thin they consist of pure adhesive on a silicone liner and nothing else.

In order to get the most out of the type of double sided tape you buy, you should follow a couple of common procedures in order to get the best results out of it. Every surface you use the tape on should be washed clean, then wiped dry. If possible, apply the tape at room temperature, but of course, that won’t always be possible, so you might to consider a tape designed especially for high or low temperatures.

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