Ideas on How to Redesign Your Home Smart, not Hard

Adding a wow-factor to your home doesn’t mean remodeling it from floor-to-ceiling. Even a simple throw blanket can give your room a brand new look, so it seems that turning a space from drab to fab is more about thinking outside the box and less about spending a fortune. Thus, if you want to redesign your home the smart and not the hard way, I suggest that you consider the following tips.


Add a Splash of Colour
Gone are the days when plain white walls were trendy. Nowadays, it is all about breaking up with dullness, so don’t be afraid to add a splash of colour yourself. For example, bright colours look great when paired with black and white setting, so if you want to add life in any space of your home, you can do it by adding one strong colour wall, even if it’s a small one. Even better, you can leave the walls white and add something else that can grab the attention like a colourful piece of furniture in the living room, or bright coloured kitchen cabinets in the kitchen.

Use the Power of Light
Even though most people wound agree that chandeliers can make for an amazing and dramatic feature, floor lamps, especially oversized ones, can add an even more dramatic effect in a room. They are the perfect accent lighting that can function as a piece of furniture as well. There are many different types of floor lamps ranging in size, style, material (metal or wood) and colour. Choosing the one that has the power to give your room a whole new look depends mainly on the style and your personal preferences as well. For instance, although the type of floor lamps that belong to the modern and contemporary style can be matched almost with any existing setting, you must choose wisely as sometimes it is the details that can make or break the look of a room. Usually, wooden lamps go better with traditional settings, but they can also fit modern ones provided they are minimalistic and feature clean lines.

Create a Focal Point
Another way to jazz up a certain space in your home is by creating a focal point and that can be done by adding some interesting piece of art, a statement mirror or a fireplace. According to interior designers, arranging the furniture or accessories around the focal point will make the room more inviting and comfy. Another easy and inexpensive way to add drama to any room of your home is by creating an accent wall by adding a wallpaper/wall mural, or with floor-to-ceiling draperies or curtains.