Ideas On How To Maximize Pallet Racking Capacity

Pallet racking shelving systems are probably the best solution for optimizing the warehouse space in a variety of businesses. Regardless of the type of products you need to store, to ensure maximum utilization of the space in storing and retrieving products in your warehouse, you need to invest in reliable and quality pallet racking for sale.

In situations such as business growth and increase in sales when you are unable to extend the capacity of your warehouse or you are unable to move the products to another warehouse location, you need to maximize the pallet racking capacity.

You probably think that it’s impossible to maximize the pallet racking capacity without increasing the expenses of the operation. The truth is, you don’t have to look for another pallet racking for sale. Contrary to popular belief, there are number of ways to increase the capacity without affecting your budget. Here are few ideas on how you can do this.


  • Increasing The Height Of The Pallet RackingBy increasing the height of the pallet racking shelving system to the height of the building, you will increase the storage space to great extend. Since most of the pallet racking systems can be easily reconfigured for new products and inventory changes, adding extra pallet positions is nothing you should worry about. You can add new shelves that reach the total height of the building without being concerned for the safety of the warehousing applications.
  • Install Additional Pallet Racking Shelf LevelsBy installing additional pallet racking shelf levels you can increase the storage density in your warehouse up to 70% or more. For this reason when you look for pallet racking for sale, make sure you buy shelving system which shelf levels can be easily adjusted to different storing needs in your warehousing applications. An example for such flexible pallet system is the drive-in storage rack.
  • Plan And Anticipate Future Warehouse Products And ApplicationsAlong with investing in good pallet racking for sale, planning is a key factor for optimizing the warehouse space in almost every business. To ensure that you will be able to provide enough room for the products and applications to come, you need to perform a good planning. For this reason you should consult with the business development and sales team in order to get yourself included with product and equipment in the early stages of the process.
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