Ideas Hunter: Patio and Balcony Planter

Yes, it’s true, we might not all be blessed with the perfect view or the perfect garden, but with creativity on our side, good ideas cannot hide! The following tips apply for both those who have it all and those who visually want to create more, whether it’s up to your patio or balcony planter, there is always a way to liven up and find a smarter way to emphasize what you already got and hide what you, well, not.



You cannot expect to miss out on the green and create a pace everyone would like to see. Not only that plants are able to add life and colour to the space, they can also hide the boundaries of a small space and create optical illusion. If you don’t have the time and agility to take care of a green oasis, worry not, modern times come with modern solutions, and nowadays you can enjoy the time-saving benefits of self-watering patio planter pots that will make you ditch all the excuses and finally grow healthy plant the right way. The built-in reservoir ensures your plants get the needed water via their root system. The patio planter pots with self watering option will enable you to be your usual careless self, while still maintaining beautiful flowers and green plants.

Lights, Candles, Lanterns

Light can always be used to transform a dull space into a fun and exciting destination. It will appear much more inviting and invite you for an wine and dine time. If you truly intend to play with the style through light, lanterns are an amazing tool to break the modern rules and add some old-fashioned spirit to the atmosphere.

DIY Candle Lanterns


The manner in which we use textiles to soften our indoors, we can use them to soften the outdoors as well. By choosing colours that add warmth, you can make it more pleasing and comfortable. Just as the patio planter pots can create an illusion of a bigger space, the soft textiles can add to attain more luxurious sensation.

Go Up And Urban

New ideas lead us to the revelation that we no longer need to have all that empty space up and above. You create amazing atmosphere by wall-mounting lanterns, planters, stands for candles and some clever DIY décor items.

However small and insignificant you may consider your patio or balcony to be, by adding romantic feel, warmth and plants you can easily transform it. Also, you can choose fold-able furniture that can be taken away anytime if you need more storage room, or want to turn the balcony into a small kids’ playground. This is also a perfect excuse to add soft and bulky rags to the picture and create a room with air flow and sun – perfect for any kind of fun.