Ideas For using Forklift Attachments


The forklifts are described as extremely flexible and versatile machines that can be used in different industry sectors for various purposes, such as lifting, moving and carrying different kinds of materials. The versatility of the forklifts comes from the different forklift attachments that come in different sizes, dimensions, and shapes. Today, the focus of the forklift manufacturers is not only on designing and producing high quality forklifts, but also on designing various attachments which can be used for different purposes. The forklift attachments give the operators a number of ideas about how to use their machines. Read the following text and find out which are some of the most commonly used forklift attachments and learn some useful ideas how to get the most out of your forklift.

Sideshifter. This is a hydraulic attachment that enables the operator to move the forks and the backrest laterally. The sideshifter allows the operator to place the loads easily without moving the forklift.

Rotator. For handling complex materials, some forklifts are equipped with a rotator. This attachment rotate the forks and it is used for dumping containers, enabling in this way quick unloading.

Fork Positioner. This hydraulic attachment moves the forks together or separately. A fork positioner allows the operator to automatically adjust the forks for handling loads with different sizes.

Roll And Barrel Clamp Attachments. These forklift attachments can be either hydraulic or mechanic, and are generally used to squeeze the load that needs to be moved form one location to another. They are most commonly used for handling kegs, paper rolls, barrels and other similar items. The roll and barrel clamp forklift attachments may also include a rotating function. This rotating function gives the operator the freedom to use the forklift for other purposes.

Pole Attachments. In some enclosed facilities, like carpet warehouses, the forklift can be equipped with a special long metal pole for lifting and moving carpet rolls. Other similar forklift attachments, but much larger, are used for handling metal colis.

Carton And Multipurpose Clamp Attachment. These hydraulic forklift attachments allow the operators to easily handle and move items like boxes, cartons, bales and other similar loads. When equipped with such attachments, the forklift is sometimes known as clam truck.

Man Basket. This forklift attachment is generally used for lifting and moving workers. It is a type of platform that slides onto the forks. The man basket comes with railings for preventing the workers from falling down. Brackets are also included for attaching safety harness.

Pull/Push Attachments. The pull/push forklift attachments are used for handling loads that come with slip sheets instead of pallets. They push for unloading and pull for loading by using slip sheets. The slip sheets are quite useful for handling items like: begged grain and seed, bagged cement, dairy products, fruit, food, and other similar loads. The unique aspect about these forklift attachments is that they use slip sheets which significantly reduce the maintenance costs.

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