Ideas For Top Australian Red Wine Blends

Australian winemakers took the art of blending to a completely new level. Even though most wine lovers stick to certain grape varieties, it pays of to explore as there are many Australian red wine blends that taste extraordinary. So why not explore and try different popular Australian red wine blends that go perfectly well with any kind of food. One of the reason why winemakers blend several varietal wines is because the blends are far more flexible at the table. These blending wines are more used for everyday drinking as they are more approachable, affordable and can be paired with different foods. We recommend you to try the following Australian red wine blends that take the art of blending further than any other wine has ever dared.

Australian Red Wine Blends

Campbells The Sixties Block Shiraz Blend 2010 – One of the most exciting wines produced in the last few years. A unique wine made of popular Australian red wine blends – Shiraz, Temranillo, Graciano,Tinta Cao and Carigan. This 2010 release offers outstanding mulberry and plum flavours and balanced finish on the palate. If you are up for a fresh medium-bodied wine, try this awesome red wine blend.

Wolf Blass Black Label Cabernet Sauvignon Shiraz Malbec 2009 – Enrich your wine collection with one of the finest Australian red wine blends released in 2009. Black Label is a multi-award winning wine that is recognized for its rich and full blackberry, plums and bramble fruit flavours and exceptional complexity.

Majella ” The Musician ” Cabernet Shiraz 2012 – The name explains the true character of this exceptional wine. The soft tannins and the soft berry fruits create a perfect harmony. This is one of the best Coonawarra Australian red wine blends that bursts with flavours of mulberry, blackcurrant and herbs.

Jansz Vintage Cuvee 2007 – If you are looking for affordable, yet spectacular wine, then try Janz Vintage Cuvee, one of the most desirable Australian red wine blends. Featuring unique honeysuckle and citrus flavours with traces of strawberry Pinot characters. When left to mature, this wine offers nutty complexion and a nice creamy texture.

Henschke Henrys Seven Shiraz Grenache Viogner 2012 – Blends are said to be far more balanced in flavour than single variety wines and this wine is the proof. Henschke is among the best Australian red wine blends that is deliciously drinkable even when young. Made of popular varieties like Grenache, Mourvedere and Viognier, this wine is enriched with delicious flavours of raspberry and dark cherry.