Ideas for Teeth Whitening: Keep Your Pearly Whites Spotless

A smile can take you far, literally. This is because smiling immediately makes you more attractive, as well as trustworthy, so from getting the job of your dreams to the love of your life, chances are smiling can make it happen.

Sadly, no matter how beautiful of a smile we may have, with time, based on the foods and drinks we tend to consume regularly, teeth can get yellow, some more, some less but the change becomes evident. Instead of letting a day go by without a smile, shying away thanks to discolouration, we can seek professional cost-efficient teeth whitening Melbourne dentists provide.


What I like about this option is you have the possibility to choose whatever works for you, from the basic home teeth whitening, to zoom whitening, and a package of life-time whitening. What you get from the home teeth whitening is a custom-made pair of trays plus a specialised whitening gel and get instructed in using them every second night for a period of about two weeks.

With the zoom whitening option, teeth whitening Melbourne dentists offer the use of office technology with a process that takes about 75 minutes, along with a maintenance kit for lasting results. As for the life-time package, you get both teeth whitening and health check-ups and cleaning.

While it’s advisable to consider whitening, it’s equally advisable to start avoiding certain foods and drinks so you prevent further staining from happening. As discouraging as it may sound to cut down on the intake of soda, coffee, and red wine, think of it as a long-term solution; your pearly whites depend on it!

Don’t think you can get away with sugar too. People with a sweet tooth won’t like this but the fact diets high in sugar promote environment that helps Streptococcus bacteria thrive, the very bacteria known for plaque, says it’s high time refined sugar gets replaced with natural sugar in the form of fruits, and natural sweeteners like stevia. Even if you cut down on refined sugar, if you still take some remember to brush your teeth or at least rinse them right after.

Another natural ingredient to keeping your mouth healthy and prevent plaque build-up before it starts layering on your teeth and make them appear yellow is the good old apple cider vinegar. With its antibacterial properties you can be sure of immediate killing of bacteria, though because of the acid which can erode the teeth’s enamel, it’s good to use it only from time to time.